Report: Team Biden awarding migrants 1-year renewable amnesty, Social Security cards, ticket to ride

by WorldTribune Staff, March 31, 2021

In a “clandestine operation,” thousands of immigrants who illegally cross the U.S. southern border are being given one-year renewable permits to stay in the United States as they apply for asylum, a report said.

Team Biden is also giving the illegals Social Security cards and guiding them to a privately-run bus service which transports them around the country, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reported.

After being given their amnesty permits, migrants are put on buses which take them to destinations throughout the U.S. / CIS

Todd Bensman of CIS said in the report that an estimated 34,000 recent illegals have already been distributed around the country with the renewable amnesty documents.

As the amnesty process can take years, the Social Security cards enable the illegals to apply for government benefits and jobs, Bensman said.

Most of those crossing the border illegally qualify to stay under the new Biden rules, the report said.

Bensman said migrants had showed him the documents and he reported on what happens after the illegals receive the documents:

• DHS provides many immigrants with an administrative document titled “Order of Release on Recognizance,” which grants them the legal right to be present inside the United States, according to two such documents that immigrants on the buses agreed to share. These require the immigrants to self-report to a deportation officer in their destination cities by a specific date provided.

• One Nicaraguan migrant showed CIS a DHS document titled “Interim Notice Authorizing Parole,” which grants him a renewable one-year term to live legally inside the country.

• Most will likely use their time to apply for asylum, a lengthy, back-logged process that allows for work authorization and Social Security cards during an adjudication process that can drag on for years.

In 2020, during the Trump administration, nearly all asylum-seekers and potential border-crossers stayed in Mexico while their papers were processed. Many turned around and went home.

A border agent told a group of Republican senators who visited the border last week that Team Biden has opened a “clandestine operation” to process illegals.

The agent described it as an “underground operation” that was off limits to news cameras.

In a new video posted by Senate Republicans, as their van moved to a bridge providing cover to families and children, the border official told some of the senators: “This right here is a clandestine operation, an underground operation that the federal government is conducting here. The journalists are not allowed here. This bridge goes all the way to Mexico, maybe about a mile at the most. So, the process is so jacked up that people just cross the border illegally. As long as they make it through all these gauntlets, they make it back here, they’re going to get released.”

The agent and others told the senators that the quickest way to stop the historic flows of illegal immigrants is to continue building the border wall and win back Mexico’s promise to hold migrants.

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