Report: Soros, ‘dark money’ funded Trump investigation by group said to be ‘helping the government’

by WorldTribune Staff, March 12, 2019

One of a “vast empire” of Democratic “dark money” groups linked to liberal activists, including George Soros, gave more than $2 million to an organization which hired Fusion GPS and anti-Trump dossier author Christopher Steele to continue investigating alleged Trump campaign “collusion” with Russia after the 2016 election, a report said.

Fund for a Better Future (FBF) donated $2,065,000 to The Democracy Integrity Project (TDIP) in 2017, according to IRS filings reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

TDIP founder Daniel Jones and George Soros

Soros gave $1 million to TDIP, the March 10 report said.

TDIP was founded on Jan. 31, 2017 by Daniel Jones, a consultant who worked for California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein when she chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Jones told the FBI that he hired Fusion GPS and Steele. He also told an associate that TDIP operated as a “shadow media organization helping the government,” the report said, adding that Jones suggested to the associate, Adam Waldman, that his TDIP team planted several anti-Trump articles.

TDIP and FBF are 501(c)(4)s, the type of public advocacy group most closely associated with “dark money” contributions.

Scott Walter, the president of Capital Research Center, a conservative watchdog that tracks liberal groups’ funding, said that TDIP and FBF are prime examples of “dark money” organizations.

“You’ve found one ‘dark money’ outfit providing dark millions to another ‘dark money’ outfit and refusing to reveal anything to you. That’s ‘dark’ two or three times over,” Walter told the Daily Caller.

“Ironically, ‘dark money’ is most often applied only to conservative funding,” said Walter, who noted that “the Left has a vast empire of ‘dark money’ groups, including the Fund for a Better Future and The Democracy Integrity Project.”

According to a report released by the House Intelligence Committee in April 2018, Jones told the FBI in March 2017 that his group would receive $50 million in funding from seven to 10 wealthy donors from New York and California. TDIP’s tax filings in 2017 show that the group received far less: $9,036,836.

Jones also said that TDIP “planned to share the information he obtained with policymakers … and with the press” and that his group “had secured the services of Steele, his associate [redacted], and Fusion GPS to continue exposing Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”

The Daily Caller noted that TDIP has also worked closely with New Knowledge, a cybersecurity firm that has been accused of orchestrating a self-described “false flag” operating in the special election for an Alabama Senate seat in 2017.

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