Report: Rupert Murdoch dumped fiancée after she called Tucker Carlson ‘messenger from God’

by WorldTribune Staff, April 26, 2023

In March, Fox Corporation owner Rupert Murdoch announced his engagement to Ann Lesley Smith.

The media mogul proposed with an 11-carat diamond engagement ring worth an estimated $2.5 million. They planned to marry this summer.

Rupert Murdoch and Ann Lesley Smith

The 91-year-old Murdoch told the New York Post (which he also owns) of his engagement to the 66-year-old Smith: “I was very nervous. I dreaded falling in love — but I knew this would be my last. It better be. I’m happy.”

Two weeks later, the engagement was off.


Murdoch’s fiancée told him that Tucker Carlson was a “messenger from God,” reported.

Smith had told the New York Post she speaks “Rupert’s language.” She said they had a close bond due to them sharing “the same beliefs.”

But a source told Vanity Fair that Murdoch decided to end things due to her “outspoken evangelical views.”

“She said Tucker Carlson is a messenger from God, and he said nope,” the source told the outlet.

Vanity Fair also reported that Smith had been around Murdoch while he was still married to Jerry Hall. Mick Jagger’s ex reportedly encountered Smith, who was working as a ranch manager.

“Jerry allegedly heard Ann fawn over Rupert and Fox News, including talk that the network was saving democracy,” RadarOnline noted.

Insiders also provided details of how Murdoch broke off his marriage with Hall. As the model was waiting for Murdoch to arrive at their home, he sent a text that read, “Jerry, sadly I’ve decided to call an end to our marriage.”

“We have certainly had some good times, but I have much to do,” Murdoch continued. “My New York lawyer will be contacting yours immediately.”

Two months later, the couple was legally divorced. Hall reportedly received $305 million in the divorce settlement as well as the couple’s Oxfordshire home.

Hall reportedly burned an effigy of Murdoch on a barbecue grill shortly after the divorce.

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