Report: Rachel Levine a ‘quack’ promoting life altering ‘gender affirming’ treatments for kids

by WorldTribune Staff, August 4, 2022

The Victory Institute is among the leftist organizations driving gender identity ideology which seeks the normalization of the falsehood that humans can change their sex with medical technology and pharmaceuticals.

In pushing this agenda, the Victory Institute has found the perfect stooge in Rachel Levine, Team Biden’s Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, a report said.

Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services Rachel Levine

Levine, a biological male who transitioned later in life after fathering children, a lengthy marriage, and a long medical career, has gone to great lengths to convince Team Biden, and the nation, “into accepting the idea that children can change their sex. This despite findings that show unequivocally the dangers both of the drugs used to halt puberty, and the life altering, reproductive ending, effects of surgeries,” Jennifer Bilek wrote for Human Events on Aug. 2.

Levine said in a public statement on July 18 that children should be empowered to change their sex, touting it as “gender affirmation” treatment. This is a “euphemism for invasive medical procedures on children’s sex, which are known to have harmful and long-lasting effects on their health,” Bilek noted.

Only a few weeks before Levine’s statement on “gender affirmation” for kids, the Food and Drug Administration reported that puberty blockers carry a risk of brain damage to children.

“It’s not possible that Levine, a pediatrician, was unaware of this,” Bilek noted. “These known side effects in adults were reported at least as early as 1996, when women with endometriosis and men with late-stage prostate cancer prescribed the drug were reported to present with the same side effects. Dr. Laidlaw, an endocrinologist in Rocklin, California, has spoken about the dangers of these unapproved drugs for children for years.”

But side effects and damaging children emotionally, and physically, means nothing to the gender identity ideology movement, which has solid backing from woke corporate America, the report noted.

Victory Institute’s sponsorship list “looks like a who’s who of funding to normalize synthetic sex identities,” Bilek noted.

That list, not surprisingly, includes Pfizer, which is one of the largest multi-national biopharma corporations, is worth nearly $52 billion, and is heavily invested in gene therapy and genetics.

Also on the sponsorship list are Jon Stryker (aside his foundation funding); Tim Gill and his LGBTQ NGO, Gill Foundation; Tides Foundation; Unilever; Planned Parenthood; the Human Rights Campaign; and RBC Capital Markets, a global investment bank.

Google, Gilead, Comcast, AT&T, David Geffen, Jennifer Pritzker, and David Bohnett, to name a few, are also supporting synthetic sex identities as progressive and also fund Victory Institute.

During Senate confirmation hearings in February 2020, Levine refused to answer questions from Sen. Rand Paul on the issue of whether children should be allowed to make medical decisions about their sexed bodies without parental consent. Levine used an evasive statement suggesting that “gender medicine” is too complicated a field to provide an immediate answer as to whether children should be receiving life-altering drugs and surgeries without parental consent.

Levine repeated this twice after being asked to clarify it the first time and completely failed to substantiate the position that children should be able to make these decisions.

“Now, a year and a half later, Levine is backing procedures that are known to cause permanent and long-standing harm to children and teens,” Bilek noted.

“Quacks” like Levine “are being placed by elites via organizations like the Victory Institute in positions of power and prominence to normalize this industry which creates synthetic facsimiles of human sex characteristics for marketing while transferring more and more women’s reproductive labor to the tech sector,” Bilek concluded.

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