Report: FAA quietly widened the EKG parameters for America’s pilots

by WorldTribune Staff, January 17, 2023

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the October 2022 version of its Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners increased the EKG parameters required for pilots to be able to fly, a report said.

On Oct. 24, the FAA “quietly, without any announcement at all,” widened the EKG requirements, Steve Kirsch, founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, noted in a Jan. 17 analysis.

“And they didn’t widen the range by a little. They widened it by a lot,” Kirsch noted.

Kirsch said the PA range (a measure of heart function) for pilots used to be in the range of .12 to .2. “It is now .12 to .3 and potentially even higher. This is a very wide range; it accommodates people who have cardiac injury.”

The FAA’s move amounts to what Kirsch said is “a tacit admission from the U.S. government that the Covid vaccine has damaged the hearts of our pilots. Not just a few pilots. A lot of pilots and a lot of damage.”

The FAA was well aware that if it continued with the original EKG range, “too many pilots would have to be grounded,” Kirsch noted. “That would be extremely problematic; commercial aviation in the U.S. would be severely disrupted.”

In other words, Kirsch continued, “the Covid vaccine has seriously injured a lot of pilots and the FAA knows it and said nothing because that would tip off the country that the vaccines are unsafe. And you aren’t allowed to do that.”

Kirsch noted that The Epoch Times later this week will publish a study that “indicated heart damage in over 20% of pilots screened.”

Cardiologist Thomas Levy said he was appalled by the FAA’s change:

In the United States, “we are not allowed to do lab tests on people before and after the vaccine,” Kirsch wrote. “The reason for that is simple: it would make it crystal clear that the vaccines are unsafe. That is why there are no before/after studies in the U.S. There never will be. Why? Because that is how science works in America today: it’s unethical to design a study that might expose that the Covid vaccines that they forced us to take cause harm.”

Kirsch said a good example of how the vaccine trials were gamed can be found in the book “Turtles All the Way Down“.

While before/after studies are not being done in the U.S., such a study, which was peer reviewed, was conducted in Thailand. The study found that 29.24% of the 301 children who participated developed cardiac injuries within days after receiving their second shot.

Kirsch added: “The fact that the Thailand study was published in a peer-reviewed journal, that they only did the easy-to-do assessments (which only found a portion of the damage), and the FAA quietly changed their EKG guidance should at least open your mind to the possibility that I might be right. This narrative is going to start falling apart at an accelerated rate.”

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