Report details what happened to Rosanne Boyland, the other protester who died on J6

by WorldTribune Staff, January 29, 2023

[Editor’s note: The Gateway Pundit has broken exclusive reports on what exactly happened at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. The following is from reporter Cara Castronuova’s Jan. 26, 2023 report which showed video of protesters’ desperate attempts to save Rosanne Boyland, the other protester (in addition to Ashli Babbitt) who died at the scene.]

In video footage obtained by the Gateway Pundit which had not previously been released, Trump supporters are seen attempting to revive protester Rosanne Boyland, who had been crushed in a sea of people who were confined by security personnel at the West Capitol Steps.

Men and women jammed at the West Capitol Steps. Rosanne Boyland was at the bottom of the pile. / Video Image

In the video, Boyland’s lifeless body is carried “up to the mouth of the West Capitol Entrance” and is turned over “to the Metro Police Line,” Castronuova reports. The individuals who attempted to revive Boyland are seen “begging them for help after a police officer had just been seen beating Rosanne to a pulp with a stick. From there, the police dragged Rosanne down the tunnel by her feet like a sack of potatoes and she was never seen again.”

The video obtained by Gateway Pundit was “taken shortly after Rosanne and the rest of the crowd had been pushed by police down steps into a ceiling-high bone-crushing and deadly pile that cops doused with opulent amounts of pepper spray and teargas,” Castronuova noted. “The police would not allow anyone to help the individuals being crushed and attacked anyone who tried to help. After about ten excruciating minutes, the protesters were able to work themselves out of the pile and save each other.”

After the pile of humanity was cleared, Boyland lay motionless on the steps.

“People tried to get near her to help and it was then that she was seen being beaten brutally by Police Officer Lila Morris with a stick,” Castronuova reported. (See that video here.)

The newly obtained video shows individuals performing CPR on Boyland.

“They use tools from a CPR kit in someone’s backpack on the ground. A man in an aviator hat pumps on her chest. A protester in a tan jacket cuts Rosanne’s shirt off to perform CRP. Ronald McAbee, a sheriff from Tennessee, unbuttons Boyland’s pants and removes her belt to access the femoral artery in her leg to take a pulse,” Castronuova reports.

McAbee is one of many J6 protester who still remain in pre-trial detention.

“The irony of the situation is that over a dozen men sit in pre-trial detention who were helping Rosanne or reacting to her death,” Castronuova notes.

“All the cell phone and body-cam video we have seen comes across as somewhat de-humanizing,” said Tina Ryan of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “You can’t really see the details of people’s faces — the range of emotions and pure reactions. That’s why this new video is a game-changer. Watch it in slow motion. Watch the despair, the fear, the indignation… these are the people the government has tried to paint as the worst terrorists in America. But you can see here that they are regular people — caught up in an extraordinary situation — and were reacting in real time as human beings to police attacks on themselves and on their peers.”

[Castornuova’s full report and the video (caution: very disturbing), can be seen here.]

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