Report details China’s extensive military preparations along 880-mile border with N. Korea

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By Geostrategy-Direct

China is buttressing its defenses along its 880-mile border with North Korea in preparation for a crisis that could be sparked by a possible U.S. military strike, reports say.

Recent measures include establishing a new border defense brigade, 24-hour video surveillance of the mountainous frontier backed by aerial drones, and bunkers to protect against nuclear and chemical blasts, according to official Chinese military and government websites cited in a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Beijing has turned back repeated requests from the Trump administration to discuss contingency planning, U.S. officials say.

Beijing “also appears to be enhancing its capability to seize North Korean nuclear sites and occupy a swath of the country’s northern territory if U.S. or South Korean forces start to advance toward the Chinese border,” the Journal reported on July 24.

Those contingencies “would require a much larger Chinese operation than just sealing the border, with special forces and airborne troops likely entering first to secure nuclear sites, followed by armored ground forces with air cover, pushing deep into North Korea,” the Journal said.

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