Rampant erroneous reports by a panicked media: A partial list

by WorldTribune Staff, February 1, 2017

Still dazed after failing to derail the Trump election and his inauguration, panicked media elites are publishing reports that do not bear up under scrutiny.

Following is a partial list of such reporting, courtesy of The Daily Wire’s John Nolte:

President Donald Trump and ‘the opposition party.’ /Getty Images
  • Trump’s executive order on immigration being called a “Muslim ban”: Using 7 countries designated by the Obama administration as failed states crawling with Islamic terrorists, the Trump administration instituted a pause on the admission of foreign nationals coming from those countries for 90 days, and halted the refugee programs from all countries for 120 days to beef up the vetting process. In the 40-plus other Muslim-majority countries throughout the world, immigration continues as usual. A Muslim ban would ban Muslims. Trump’s refugee pause affects all people of all religions and does not at all affect over three dozen other Muslim-majority countries.
  • Ignoring the reality of foreign-born threats to America: In the push by partisan interests for a narrative, the media sometimes fails to report key information. Here, for example, is what readers are not being told about the very real threat of foreign-born terrorists: According to the FBI, several dozen suspected terrorist bombmakers, including some believed to have targeted American troops, may have mistakenly been allowed to move to the United States as war refugees. The CIA said last year that the Islamic State has had success in hiding its operatives among refugees entering Europe and the United States via human flows out of the Middle East and North Africa. Between 2001 and 2014, 380 foreign-born terrorists were convicted in America, 40 of those were refugees.
  • Dick Cheney blasted Trump over his refugee pause: Never happened.
  • ABC News accused Trump of not having family photos in the Oval Office: Based on a single photograph that doesn’t begin to show what might be in a 800-plus square foot office, ABC News’s Terry Moran fired off a report that the lack of family pictures was meaningful.
  • “Mass Resignations” at State Department: The Washington Post’s Josh Rogin spread the erroneous rumor that there was a “mass exodus of senior Foreign Service officers” at the State Department. All of it due to Trump. The truth is that the White House asked for the resignations. Also, it is standard operating procedure with a new administration.
  • Claim that Obama did not discriminate against Christian refugees: Media reports said Christians were not discriminated against by Obama. The numbers tell a different story: The United States has accepted 10,801 Syrian refugees, of whom 56 are Christian. Not 56 percent; 56 total, out of 10,801. That is to say, one-half of 1 percent.
  • Cover-up of Obama’s 2011 refugee ban: Due to terrorism threats in 2011, then-President Obama instituted a refugee ban from Iraq that lasted six months. Not only did the media cover it up at the time, in order to protect Obama they are now falsely reporting that Obama’s refugee six-month ban from a Muslim-majority country is somehow different from Trump’s.
  • Steve Bannon told the media to “shut up”: Bannon’s suggestion that the media “should keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while” to the American people, was quickly turned into an act of persecution, especially by CNN’s Jake Tapper. Bannon never said shut up. Nonetheless, CNN put “shut up” in quote marks.