Race between 2 California Republicans points to real issue in coming election: ‘Drain the swamp’

Special to WorldTribune, October 5, 2018

By Ed Martin

For months now, I have been predicting a Trump Red Wave in November because Americans are seeing through the Mainstream Media and D.C. nonsense. They now know that what is needed more than ever is this: Drain the swamp!

Tim Donnelly. ‘California’s eighth district election highlights a growing divide within the Republican Party.’

This is what’s at stake. We know Republicans cannot afford to lose to Democrats this year if they wish to maintain their majority in the U.S. House. But California’s eighth district is a competitive race that includes two Republicans — so, they cannot lose, right? Look closer and you’ll see how to drain the swamp.

Thanks to the Golden State’s “jungle primary” system – in which the top two vote-getters in open primary elections advance regardless of party affiliation – two GOP candidates are facing off against each other on Nov. 6. That makes this the only congressional district in America in which the GOP is pitted against itself.

Next month, voters in the eighth district must decide whether they want a committed conservative representing them – or whether the fiscally liberal GOP establishment that has squandered and jeopardized the party’s majority will prevail.

My organization is joining a growing chorus of limited government advocates in supporting the candidacy of former State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly for this seat over Rep. Paul Cook. Why are we backing Donnelly? It’s simple.

His record shows he will govern like an actual Republican, not an establishment Republican. In fact, had the GOP governed the way it was supposed to – the way its candidates promised voters they would back in 2016 – Republicans wouldn’t be fighting for their very survival next month.

Sadly, they didn’t do that. Politicians loyal to the GOP establishment – including Congressman Paul Cook – failed to cut spending and rein in the deficit. They refused to repeal and replace Obamacare. They refused to provide funding for President Donald Trump’s border wall (although Cook did inexplicably vote in favor of subsidizing “gender reassignment surgery” for transgender military personnel).

In short, these GOP swamp creatures have forfeited the trust of those who bestowed the mantle of leadership upon them. Which means it is time to give that mantle to someone else.

That someone is Tim Donnelly. We don’t have to wonder whether Donnelly will fight to secure our border. He’s already done it.

Over a decade ago, Donnelly was part of the Minuteman Project – a volunteer border patrol brigade that did the job our federal government refused to do. Not only did he personally safeguard our Southern border, his group formed a political action committee to press members of Congress to pass tougher immigration laws.

Among the reforms Donnelly championed? A Southern border wall.

While Donnelly was years ahead of the curve on Trump’s signature campaign promise, Cook has consistently brought up the rear when it comes to supporting our president.

Cook declined to back Trump during the GOP primary and was one of the mushy middle Republican lawmakers who refused to attend the 2016 GOP convention.

Make no mistake: California’s eighth district election highlights a growing divide within the Republican Party. On one side are “centrist” moderates – aging incumbents who care more about preserving power than standing on principle. These politicians invariably cave at the drop of a hat whenever their party “leaders” decide it is time to cede more of our liberty and our prosperity to government bureaucrats and global elites.

On the other side are credible conservatives like Donnelly who possess a proven history of putting America first – and who supported President Trump’s agenda long before it was politically expedient for them to do so.

California’s choice is clear: Send Tim Donnelly to Congress, and send Paul Cook packing.

Ed Martin is chairman of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles PAC.