Question: Whatever happened to feisty, independent American news professionals?

WorldTribune, July 17, 2019

Wesley Pruden, 83.

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Question of the Day, July 17, 2019: Several of us at worked under Washington Times Editor in Chief Wesley Pruden who completed his last day at the newspaper yesterday and then passed away at 83. He was among the last of a dying breed of newspaper professionals who put responsibility to the reading public at the top of his priority list. His motto for all staff was: “Get it first and get it right.” Do you trust the editor or news director of your local news source to have your best interests at heart or is he or she primarily serving a separate agenda?

Question of the Day, July 16, 2019:

The United States, during World War II and on July 20, 1969 with the first Lunar Landing, was confronted at home with domestic unrest but nevertheless managed to accomplish historic national goals. In the current climate, could such landmark U.S. achievements happen again?


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