Question: Was Rep. Steve Stockman victimized by the Department of Justice?

WorldTribune, August 5, 2019

Former Rep. Steve Stockman

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Question of the Day, August 5, 2019: Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman is serving a 10-year prison sentence. He exposed multiple instances of political corruption in the Obama administration including that of former IRS official Lois Lerner, who escaped punishment. Is this, like the alleged abuses of Trump advisors and officials by the Mueller investigation, a case of unequal justice under the law? What realistically can be done about it?

Question of the Day, July 31, 2019:

Baltimore has a higher murder rate than each of three Central American countries from which migrants are streaming to our southern borders. Like all top ten cities on Orkin’s “rattiest” list, Baltimore has long been a Democrat Party stronghold. President Trump has in recent days focused the nation’s attention on the plight of urban residents in the USA. Should Baltimore invite him to offer solutions?


Only if they are willing to hear the truth about what it will take to make hard changes. Because President Trump will tell them the hard facts. – Anna Smith

But they won’t. Their hate for the President is horrible and they don’t care about their CITIES AT ALL. – Susan Russell

Maybe all city mayors that have homeless, blight and other appalling living conditions should get together and do something that works for a change. Just throwing money at a problem doesn’t work! – Linda Kelly