Question: Should Democrat mayors of America’s big cities seek President Trump’s guidance?

WorldTribune, July 31, 2019

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Question of the Day, July 31, 2019: Today WorldTribune is reporting that Baltimore has a higher murder rate than each of three Central American countries from which migrants are streaming to our southern borders. Like all top ten cities on Orkin’s “rattiest” list, Baltimore has long been a Democrat Party stronghold. President Trump has in recent days focused the nation’s attention on the plight of urban residents in the USA. Should Baltimore invite him to offer solutions?

Question of the Day, July 29, 2019:

Democrat Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon staged an event in Juarez, Mexico in which he escorted a pregnant woman and her partner across the U.S. border: “We were essentially told early on by the customs official [at the border] that ‘No way that she could get in,’ then when they found out I was a U.S. Senator and we had a pediatrician with us, they changed their tune.” Sen. Wyden claimed the border officials was guilty of a “blatant” violation of U.S. law. Others would say his action, approved by U.S. officials, violated U.S. law. What say you?


US MARSHALS SHOULD SHOW UP AT THIS Senator’s office and arrest him on the spot. We ARE A NATION IF LAWS AND NO ONE IS Above the law. If we don’t stat to enforce this what will they do next?? – Kathy Little

He should be removed from office, arrested for breaking our laws. He should also be banned from holding any type of elected position forever anywhere in the US. – Kay Lovins

Not only did he break the law, he should be responsible for paying her debts for medical care. Send him to jail and her back home! 👿👿👿 – Sonja Roberts

So no one is above the law . . . . except a Democratic senator & any non-US citizen who wants to illegally enter our country? – Steve Corcoran

It does not matter what any of us think! The real question should be asked of [law enforcement] and Border Patrol people! If they find it’s illegal, then the guilty should be arrested and tried! – Sue Adamic

No he has violated the law. – Kevin Grant

No!!! – Barbara Clark Campbell

Should have arrested him right on the spot. – Steve Jeffres

Makes him a human trafficker🤔 – Jeff Hudlett

Lock him up – Peter Laszlo