‘Predators are her style’: McGowan rips Hillary Clinton’s support of Weinstein

by WorldTribune Staff, October 13, 2019

Rose McGowan slammed Hillary Clinton after revelations emerged last week that the Clinton campaign in 2016 tried to kill Ronan Farrow’s exposé on the sexual misconduct allegations against major Democratic Party donor Harvey Weinstein.

“I knew that Hillary Clinton’s people, were protecting the Monster,” McGowan tweeted, referring to Weinstein. “I can’t believe I used to support her. I guess predators are her style.”

Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein. / YouTube

The last comment in McGowan’s tweet appeared to also apply to former President Bill Clinton, to whom McGowan referred more clearly in separate Twitter message.

“Hillary Clinton, did you have any concern for your husband’s victims? And what about HW victims? No? Didn’t think so,” McGowan wrote.

McGowan was one of Weinstein’s first accusers and has been an outspoken leader of the #MeToo movement.

Farrow’s book, “Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators”, is coming out on Oct. 15.

Between 2000 and 2016, Weinstein donated more than $2 million to Democrats, and directly pumped more than $26,000 into Clinton’s various campaigns.

Clinton has been seen in several photos cozying up to and laughing it up with Weinstein, whose alleged atrocious behavior toward women has been common knowledge in Hollywood since the 1990s.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Farrow writes in Catch and Kill that Clinton publicist Nick Merrill had contacted Farrow, who was seeking an interview with Clinton as part of work on a foreign policy book. At the time, Farrow was also working on his award-winning New Yorker magazine story about Weinstein.

Merrill told Farrow the “big story” he was working on was a “concern for us,” according to The Reporter. Farrow writes that Weinstein had leveraged his relationship with Clinton as a means of applying pressure on Farrow, the outlet reported.

On his Oct. 9 program, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said: “It’s the most reliable standard in politics: Whatever the Left accuses you of, is exactly what they’re doing themselves. They’ll scream at you for being a racist. Yet they’re the ones imposing a system of inflexible racial discrimination on the entire country. They’ll call you a fascist, even as they work to eliminate the first and second amendments. And of course, they regularly attack their opponents as sexist, while they protect actual rapists and abusers who are useful to them politically. They guarded Ted Kennedy’s reputation for decades, even after he killed a woman. They ran Bill Clinton for president, twice.”

Meanwhile, Carlson said, Bill Clinton’s wife “has made a career out of calling other people sexist.”

Carlson cited as example, a speech in which Hillary Clinton proclaimed: “I went to Beijing in 1995 and said women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights. And I believe that with all my heart (edit) When I was Secretary of State, I put women’s rights at the center of our foreign policy. And, I went to 112 countries for all of you, I raised it in every country. I looked across the table at dictators, and authoritarians and chauvinists, and sexists, and misogynists — yeah, I did and I raised it with every one of them. I stared down misogynists, and lived to tell the tale.”

Carlson said: “On one level, it’s hilarious. On another, it’s nauseating. Either way, it’s the opposite of the truth. Hillary Clinton has spent her entire life closely connected to men who abuse women. Maybe that’s why she feels the need to lecture you about feminism. It’s a kind of projection. She gets to feel virtuous, even as she does the very things she claims to hate. You’d really need to be Freud to figure it out. It’s sick. But it’s real.”

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