Poll: 77 percent of older Americans see Bidenomics as failure

by WorldTribune Staff, August 30, 2023

Older voters say they have received little to no benefit from Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, saying instead that the only beneficiaries of the economic plan have been Biden and his political bedfellows, a new poll found.

Americans age 55 and up see 80-year-old Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act as a total ‘failure.’

The McLaughlin & Associates survey of older Americans taken between Aug. 24 and 27 shows that 77 percent of voters age 55 and older believe the Inflation Reduction Act is a “failure.” That includes a majority of Democrats.

Asked who benefited from the tax provisions, regulations, and spending, 42 percent said “politicians.” Just 6 percent said older people.

Nearly 90 said the savings promised in Medicare should be used to lower drug and medical costs for older people, not Biden’s leftist agenda

Biden’s “hope of riding his costly spending bill to reelection has fallen flat because older people now see it as a bait-and-switch scheme to push a leftist green agenda at their expense,” Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard wrote.

Critics say the Biden Team has time and time again showed that it has no interest in what Americans think as it pushes full steam ahead on its leftist agenda.

Biden is even being sent out by his handlers to tout the Inflation Reduction Act.

“The Biden White House is holding a celebration for a bill that older Americans overwhelmingly have experienced as a failure,” Phil Kerpen, the president of American Commitment, said of Biden’s “victory” tour.

Kerpen added: “While the Democrats’ spending bill was presented as a means to lower consumer prices and seniors’ healthcare costs, likely voters believe it has done the opposite. Furthermore, older Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to diverting hundreds of billions of dollars in projected Medicare savings to pay for and prioritize Washington politicians’ unrelated spending priorities. The IRA was a classic ‘bait n switch’ by liberals in Congress, and conservatives should stay on offense against it.”

Pollster Jim McLaughlin told Bedard: “From consumer prices to healthcare, it is abundantly clear that older Americans view the Inflation Reduction Act as a complete failure.”

McLaughlin added: “Liberal politicians turned this spending bill into a cruel jest, as hundreds of billions in Medicare funds intended for older Americans’ well-being have been squandered on costly Green New Deal fantasies and handouts to big health insurers.”

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