Physician points to trends in post-Covid medical practice ‘that should terrify you’

by WorldTribune Staff, September 8, 2021

Doctors who would refuse treatment to those who haven’t received the Covid vaccination would “set a dangerous precedent and shatter fundamental tenets of medical practice,” a physician warned.

“An insidious sentiment has begun metastasizing throughout the United States and Britain, expressed by politicians, pundits, and – most disturbingly – by physicians themselves: that the unvaccinated who contract Covid-19 should be denied medical care,” R. M. Huffman, a Texas-based practicing physician and author, wrote for on Sept. 5.

Huffman cited some disturbing trends that “should terrify you.” Those include:

Former Missouri Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill has proposed raising the insurance rates of the unvaccinated; an emergency medical physician in Arizona responds to a video clip of people unmasked in a grocery store with a message, ‘Let ‘em die’; a liver surgeon at Massachusetts General suggests that declining a Covid vaccine should be treated by doctors as a functional Do Not Intubate/Do Not Resuscitate order.

“The medical community in the West is teetering on the edge of philosophical malpractice, and for the sake of patients’ present and future, its members must step back and recall why and how we do our jobs,” Huffman wrote.

“A fundamental tenet of medical practice is non-maleficence, summed up in the Latin primum non nocere – first, do no harm.”

Joe Biden said on June 2: “The bottom line is this — I promise you: They are safe. They are safe.”

Biden’s message, Huffman noted, “has been echoed, without qualification, by powerful entities ranging from hospital administrations mandating staff vaccinations to professional organizations: ‘The vaccine is safe.’ ”

“Let me be clear,” Huffman added, “I believe vaccination is one of the most important therapeutic innovations in the history of medicine. Vaccines have saved millions upon millions of lives. That said, I also believe that the way these Covid vaccines, with their novel mechanisms of action, have been introduced to the public – as a silver bullet, idiot-if-you-decline, nail-in-the-coronavirus-coffin solution – is disingenuous, hyperbolic, and simply not justified by the existing data.”

Among the indications that the vaccines may not be entirely safe for everyone, Huffman noted, is the VAERS system, the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Reports of adverse events from Covid vaccines, while extremely rare, include paralysis, inflammation of the heart, blood clots, and death.

“These have been largely dismissed on the grounds that the VAERS reporting doesn’t establish causation, and that isolated cases – like the BBC presenter who died after she received the jab – aren’t data, and all that’s certainly true,” Huffman wrote. “However, drug therapies, especially novel ones, cannot be treated as ‘innocent until proven guilty’; rather, all possible adverse events must be thoroughly and formally explored as consequent to the drug, because occasionally the true harm is worse than anyone imagined, as Merck famously discovered with FDA-approved Vioxx back in the early 2000s. Research published in the medical journal Lancet estimated that 88,000 Americans had heart attacks from taking Vioxx, and 38,000 of them died.”

Huffman notes that while “there is no evidence at this stage that the Covid vaccinations are anywhere near as dangerous” as Vioxx, “the medical industry’s general dismissal of their potential dangers, to the point of imposing vaccine mandates on young, healthy populations like those in the U.S. military, betrays its commitment to non-maleficence and will cost lives.”

Huffman continues: “No medical therapy comes without risk, but informed consent – another foundational principle of medicine – demands that even minuscule risk be related accurately to the patient. A tiny percentage doesn’t mean an insignificant number; at least 6,000 (and rising) deaths attributed to voluntary Covid vaccination per VAERS is twice the fatalities from the 9/11 attacks. That cannot be brushed aside with a comment about ‘statistical significance.’

“Doctors have historically been concerned with infinitesimal risk and made concerted efforts to inform and protect the patient accordingly. Our collective failure to do the same in the case with novel Covid-19 vaccines is unconscionable and baffling.

“Ignoring the fact that Covid vaccines are non-sterilizing and aren’t proof against transmission: will we apply that standard to gay men with AIDS? To intravenous drug users with hepatitis C? To sex workers with STDs? To drunk drivers who cause fatal car wrecks? Once medical caregivers declare themselves arbiters of who deserves treatment, there exists no principle that limits such self-appointment to ‘but only unvaccinated Covid patients, and just for now.’ It’s a horrifying prospect.”

Huffman concluded: “For physicians, nurses, and everyone involved in delivering medical care, what we must do is simple: treat the patient.

“And treat the unvaccinated in the same way you treat the vaccinated.

“I have, and will continue to do so.”

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