Phoenix offers ‘queer-blended’ LGBTQ middle school as ‘absolutely necessary’ option

by WorldTribune Staff, August 1, 2023

Aug. 1 marked the first day of school for students enrolled in Phoenix’s new Queer Blended Learning Center (QBLC).

LGBTQ subjects are highlighted in the curriculum built by Spark Community Schools, local reports say.

The Queer Blended Learning Center opened Aug. 1 with eight students and one teacher. / Video Image

“Specifically, culturally responsive curriculum in Civics LGBTQ history, just making sure we’re telling stories from every perspective and point of view,” said Katrina Thurman, president of Spark Community Schools.

As the school year opened on Aug. 1, there were eight students enrolled at the QBLC, Thurman said. There is only one teacher, but there are plans to add a second teacher and one classroom aide. Parents can go through the state’s universal voucher program to cover tuition.

According to The Pink News, the school is “life-saving for queer children.”

Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley countered that, actually, the QBLC school is “a big ol’ box of lunacy wrapped with a fluffy bow of evil. We’re talking about kids between the ages of 11 through 13, attending the grades of six, seven and eight.”

Chumley continued: “The idea that this school is being presented as a safety need is Lie Number One. There is no epidemic of LGBTQ murders taking place around the nation, in the schools, targeting the youth. The idea this school provides a necessary LGBTQ need for children this young is Lie Number Two. Most 11-year-olds barely understand the stork is a myth; some still haven’t learned the truths of Santa; almost all have zero comprehension of what it takes to be a godly man or woman; a properly functioning husband or wife; a dedicated and committed leader of a family. But they’re old enough to decide whether they’re lesbian, bisexual, gay, transsexual, or queer — or some alternating combination of all?”

Nate Rhoton, chief executive of one-n-ten, a nonprofit with a mission to “empower LGBTQ youth,” insists that “LGBTQ youth are under attack legislatively. … It’s deadly to the youth we serve,” The Pink News reported.

Rhoton said the Queer Blended Learning Center and such programs are “absolutely necessary and life-saving for the young people we will reach.”

“Rhoton should be investigated for child grooming,” Chumley wrote. “The Phoenix officials who are letting this ‘Queer Blended Learning Center’ target and host little children between the ages of 11-13 should be investigated for misconduct and enabling of child sexual grooming. Parents who put their children in this school program should be investigated for abuse.”

As for the children who are placed in the QBLC, Chumley wrote that they “should be yanked from their wicked caretakers and put under the care of good Christian, Bible-reading, church-attending families — traditional families, headed by a father and a mother who each identify by their pronouns of birth.”

Chumley concluded: “Now listen as the left wails at that. Putting kids in the care of Christians, to them, is the evil.

“That, America, is how far we’ve fallen. We’re one small step from accepting pedophilia as a lifestyle choice.”

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