Peter Navarro explains Fox soft interview with former Pence chief of staff Marc Short

by WorldTribune Staff, February 21, 2021

The softball interview conducted by Fox News personality Bret Baier with former Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short was a disgrace, former White House trade adviser and top Trump ally Peter Navarro said.

Former White House trade adviser Peter Navarro

In the Fox interview, Navarro said Short was attempting to portray Pence as “not cutting and running,” but “as a brave.”

But what Pence did on Jan. 6 “on the advice of Marc Short was to cut and run from the President of the United States and from the Constitution,” Navarro said.

Navarro went on to say that Short “was the guy” who “prevented” six states in the disputed election from being contested on Jan. 6.

Short has a history of going after President Donald Trump, including plotting against him during the 2016 primaries, Navarro said on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” on Feb. 19.

“Marc Short is a tool of the Koch Brothers — the biggest anti-MAGA movement in the Republican Party,” Navarro said.

As Trump was dominating the polls in 2016, Navarro said Short orchestrated a covert plan bankrolled by the Koch Brothers to replace Trump with Sen. Marco Rubio on Super Tuesday.

In the interview with Baier, Short described Pence’s reaction to the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol:

“I saw the vice president exert enormous leadership by calling Senator [Mitch] McConnell and [Speaker] Nancy Pelosi and [Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer to make sure that they were okay and how we can get back to finish the work of the American people,” Short said. “The frustration that he heard was the sense that the National Guard was a little slower in getting there than leadership wanted. So the vice president offered to call [Army] Secretary [Christopher] Miller and [Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark] Milley, which he did. They said we’re moving as quickly as we can. Convey that back to leadership. They had several calls.”

Short said Pence was warned that the Capitol might have to be vacated for several days.

“There were concerns that there could have been explosive devices,” Short told Baier. “Secret Service offered to bring K-9 units in and the vice president and leadership were determined to say: ‘We want to make sure that the sort of actions are not rewarded. We want to finish the business tonight.’ They pursued it. And he was in command and worked with leadership to make sure that that was executed that evening.”

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