Pence ‘dismantled Harris’: Fly saves the day for Democrats and their media

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, October 8, 2020

So, how did Kamala Harris perform in Wednesday night’s debate?

Democrats and the major media: How about that fly!

What does it say about your party and its media allies’ agenda when the best thing to happen to you during a major debate is that a fly lands on your opponent’s head?

The Left seemed to heap more praise on the fly than their candidate.

The fly didn’t seem to bother Vice President Mike Pence, but it certainly grabbed the attention of the leftist media and the Democratic Party.

CBS on-air personality Gayle King said: “At one point, when they were talking about systemic racism, I think it’s very interesting timing that a fly would land on Mike Pence’s head at that particular time, when he said that there really wasn’t systemic racism. I saw the fly basically going, ‘Say what?’ I mean, it was very interesting, that was — I don’t want to call that a highlight, but that was certainly a memorable moment.”


Then there is MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt.

During a conversation with host Ari Melber, Schmidt said with a straight face: “Not for nothing, I don’t think it’s ever a good sign when a fly lands on your head for two minutes. That’s a sign all through history of sin and historically, biblically… it’s only safe to say this, Ari, after midnight but a fly, he who commands the fly has been seen historically as the mark of the devil.”

Wondering if Schmidt was joking, Melber noted that “The fly could have landed on anyone.”

Schmidt responded: “Yes, but it didn’t. It landed on Mike Pence and it says something karmic about the status of the campaign as it implodes.”

Wow! Impressive. The fly did all that? It’s as if that tiny insect had more cognitive awareness than Schmidt’s preferred presidential candidate.

The Washington Post ran an op-ed by Alexandra Petri headlined: “An exclusive interview with the fly from the debate”.

Since the leftist media is all-in for team Biden and is said to often coordinate coverage, the Chicago Tribune’s Rex Huppke compiled a gem headlined “The fly on Mike Pence’s head: A transcript”.

Humor at The Washington Post and Chicago Tribune obviously has a shorter lifespan than the average fly.

Biden actually used the fly incident in a fundraising appeal: “Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly,” the former vice president tweeted, including a link to his campaign’s donation page and photo of himself holding a fly-swatter.

In a separate tweet, Biden posted a link to “” The URL redirects to, which helps voters check their voter registration status and their voting options in their state.

Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor said leftists focused on the fly because their preferred candidate lost big-time.

“The best proof that Pence won the debate is how much the major media are talking about the damn fly. These so-called serious journalists demand we focus on policy and then when their candidate gets crushed on TV they want to talk about nonsense,” Gainor told Fox News.

“Journalists have always snarked among themselves about news events. But now they turn that into news stories and call it analysis,” Gainor added. “It’s not analysis, it’s like a 10-year-old’s vision of what journalism should be.”

Get the vice president some Visine

Another “concern” spotted by a leftist media looking for any reason to shift the spotlight away from Harris was Pence’s so-called “bloodshot eye.”

The New York Times made the effort to point out that doctors have seen a small percentage of coronavirus patients with eye symptoms such as conjunctivitis or pink eye.

Pence has repeatedly tested negative for covid.

NBC’s Hallie Jackson opined: “You probably saw something a little off about Pence’s noticeably red left eye tonight. Some online commentators speculated that he has pinkeye, which can sometimes be a symptom of Covid-19.”

Pence’s press secretary, Devin O’Malley, said that the vice president tested negative on Wednesday with a rapid antigen test and that he tested negative Tuesday with a PCR, adding that any speculation that the vice president has the coronavirus is “completely reckless” and incorrect.

Remember the Joe Biden red eye incident during CNN’s September 2019 town hall on climate change? Of course you don’t, because the major media either ignored it or, when other media outlets pointed it out, assured everyone that it was a mere common condition that was no cause for concern.

Forbes and the Hollywood Reporter loaded up double-barrels of lunacy on Wednesday, noting how the fly and the eye became hot topics (re: among leftists) on social media.

“Pence dismantled Harris. So the entire media will talk about pinkeye and a rogue fly,” Ben Shapiro noted.

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