Payback: What the Democrats would do if it were them about to take control of Congress

by WorldTribune Staff, October 24, 2022

What would a Democrat Congress look like in 2023? A Green New Deal, increased inflation, open-borders, elitist agenda which demands “late-term abortion, mainstreaming transgenderism in all its drag manifestations, and racialist indoctrination, insulting all who demur as bigots and racists,” historian and columnist Victor Davis Hanson noted.

It is becoming clearer by the day, however, that voter support for such an agenda is weak and that Republicans will “end up with a near historical majority in the House and firm control of the Senate,” Hanson wrote for American Greatness on Oct. 23.

America is in the midst of a grass-roots resurgence because Republicans “are no longer so easily stereotyped as the out-of-touch party of aristocratic Mitt Romneys and condescending Bill Kristols,” Hanson added. “Instead, supposedly ‘racist’ conservatives are now empowered by minority voters worried more about shared class concerns than skin color. They are concluding that if there are American racists, they are most likely the rich bicoastal elites, never subject to the consequences of their selfish agendas, and their own self-appointed, self-interested, and ossified diversity industry.

“(Remember, minorities who vote conservative are excommunicated from the Left and no longer considered genuine minorities, as adjudicated by wealthy white professionals).”

Joe Biden, Hanson noted, “is not just an obnoxious, off-putting, snarly, and enfeebled president. He is also captive of the most radically destructive, left-wing agenda in the White House since 1933. On energy, inflation, the border, debt, crime, racial relations, and foreign policy, the Left’s project has proven an utter disaster that has hollowed out the middle class and embarrassed the nation in under two years.”

But the Left has another reason for being terrified to lose Congress, Hanson wrote:

“They fear not what Republican majorities may actually do, but what they would do if they were Republicans and suddenly gained the Congress after being smeared by the party in power. That is, the Democrats fear that the Republicans might remember what the Left did while in legislative control and would see that as the new model for an incoming majority.”

Will Republicans adopt the January 6 committee protocols and, as Hanson put it, “undertake a real probe of the entire January 6 riot and its aftermath, using newly inherited operating procedures to subpoena high-ranking bureaucrats, left-wing pundits, Democratic National Committee operatives and elected officials to discover: 1) why the breakdown in Capitol Hill police security; 2) why the suppression of information about the officer killing of Ashli Babbitt, and the death from natural causes of Officer Brian Sicknick; 3) why all videos, emails, and communications concerning the riot have not been released; 4) what was the role, if any, of FBI informants; 5) why were dozens of the accused held without bail, without charges filed, and subject to nonstop jail harassment?”

Hanson continued:

“Would Democrats—if they were Republicans in January 2023 — vote to end the filibuster?

“Will Joe Biden, who all summer long blasted the filibuster as a racist relic, flip in 2023 and claim it is the bastion of the republic when the Democrats are in the senate minority?

“Will Democrats object if the Republican House becomes impeachment-hungry, following the 2019-2021 precedent?

“Is the rule now established that an unpopular president should face first-term impeachment when he loses the House?

“Or is the new legacy automatic impeachment when a president clearly warps the national interest to further his own political viability—such as ruining relations with Saudi Arabia while draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in a last-ditch effort to avoid a midterm wipeout?

“One question remains: will the Left now blame Biden as the perfect scapegoat for its midterm implosion — even after using him as the reputable empty vessel to carry through an otherwise disreputable agenda?”

Hanson concluded: “As hard as it will be to believe, after all the excuses are exhausted (voter suppression, racism, MAGA extremism, right-wing news, etc.) the Left will blame their erstwhile savior Biden for sullying their message. That way they can conclude they lost only because of the inept messenger and so can escalate their revolutionary but otherwise toxic agendas.”

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