Paul Ryan’s cynical cash-in fully exposes GOP ‘Uniparty’ fraud

Special to, January 17, 2021

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

This is not meant to be about washed-up political force Paul Ryan so much as the completely fraudulent Swamp Republican faction that he represents.

For we all know Paul Ryan is not an outlier. He fits a soiled norm for a self-serving Establishment GOP that must be eradicated if America First citizens truly expect to have one of the two major political parties in this nation actually represent them and their interests.

The mask has now completely fallen from the boyish visage of the former GOP House Speaker and 2012 party vice presidential nominee. The establishment servant who enjoyed draping himself in a cloak of “principled Republican” process politics surfaced this month to toss about his usual shopworn verbiage on the Constitution and whatnot in support of the fraud-riddled “election” of Joe Biden as “president.” He even had the gall to label opposing the installment of Biden in the White House to be “anti-conservative.”

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan / Twitter

Ryan’s empty posturing came less than three months after he formally linked up with the Uniparty he has always been aligned with by becoming a “senior advisor” to a Swamp PR firm that has its founding genesis in the sordid financial wasp nest of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s philanthropic network.

Conservatives were right to call him out on it.

Ryan’s move was easy to foresee for anyone who has paid the least bit of attention to how our selfish and corrupt political elite has operated in Washington over the past several decades. Yet by joining Teneo, Ryan’s cash-in displayed another level of deep contempt for the people he allegedly represented as a Republican for so many years.

Teneo was literally birthed within the fetid embryo of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s philanthropic shenanigans. Its founders used access to Bill Clinton to drum up a customer base and enact a pay-for-play operation in which meeting the former president came at a very high price. Politico reported in 2016 (bold added throughout this column):

Eight former employees and other sources with knowledge of the start-up or close to the Clintons told POLITICO that many Teneo clients received exposure to Bill Clinton, invitations to salon dinners filled with D.C. power players, or meetings at CGI with foreign leaders in the years immediately after the company’s founding. They also said a key element of [founders Declan] Kelly and [Doug] Band’s pitch to new clients was donating to the foundation or joining CGI to “raise your leadership profile.”

They used the Clinton connection to launch it,” said a former employee who was there before the public unveiling. “The pitch was: ‘Yes, we’ll be just as good as anybody else at doing the substantive work that you need a consulting firm to do for you — but we’re going to bring all these relationships to the table at the same time.”

The Clinton Foundation and its associated ventures have long been credibly suspected of being nothing more than a giant money laundering operation to funnel hefty financial donations to Bill and Hillary from heavyweight players. A 2018 forensic investigation for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee concluded that the foundation does not operate as a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation as required and is not entitled to non-profit status:

[An investigator] said the foundation “falsely attested that it received funds and used them for charitable purposes which were in fact not the case. Rather the foundation pursued in an array of activities both domestically and abroad. Some may be deemed philanthropic, albeit unimproved, while other much larger in scope are properly characterized as profit-oriented and taxable undertakings of private enterprise again failing the operational tests philanthropy referenced above.”

It is important to note that it is not just Clinton ties that sully Paul Ryan. It is the fact that he is splashing around in this same dirty elitist money cesspool. In choosing to reel in his well-deserved Swamp pension, Ryan is now publicly – key word there – joining himself to forces that are seeking to destroy the national sovereignty of the United States.

The money is dirty indeed. The notorious globalist Rockefeller Foundation gave Teneo more than $16.5 million from 2011-2013 as the corporation was getting started. As the magazine Nonprofit Quarterly noted:

The other top contractors paid by the Rockefeller Foundation [during this time period] were banks or investment firms. No other PR firm working with or for the Rockefeller Foundation comes anywhere close to the Teneo payments.

Now let’s take a look at what the company and its leaders are doing today.

Teneo bills itself as a firm that offers a variety of advisory services to major corporations. Its advice seemingly consists entirely of advancing a networked globalist power worldview. Peruse any of its analysis pieces on its website and the theme is unmistakable.

A staple of this new internationalist order, of course, is progressive cultural change.

The company partners with the Ford Foundation, a radical globalist funding organization that financially backs some of the most destructive projects in America today.

Teneo has also partnered with CNN race-baiting clown Van Jones and entertainment industry celebrities Ellen DeGeneres and Pharrell Williams in launching “The Juneteenth Pledge,” an endeavor meant to harness corporate influence to make a day marking the end of slavery a national holiday. The ceaseless promotion of racial tensions is a signature marker of the cultural Left.

Teneo Chairman and CEO Declan Kelly revealed the ominous intentions of his company with his remarks on the effort. “The private sector will play a critical role in helping drive change across society as a whole and we are committed to doing everything we can to help encourage additional companies to sign-up for the Juneteenth Pledge as well as signing it ourselves,” he stated in a release posted on the Teneo website.

“Among those companies that participated in the call… and have agreed to the pledge include: adidas, Airbnb, Amblin Partners, Greensill, HP, Participant, The J. M. Smucker Company, Starbucks and Under Armour,” the statement proclaims.

The private sector fomenting leftist cultural change in America – this is the flag that Ryan now salutes. Teneo actively promotes this as a key facet to what it has to offer major corporations.

The ultra-connected Ursula Burns is, like Ryan, a Senior Advisor at Teneo. Her corporate bio states:

“Ursula, who regularly appears on Fortune’s and Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful women, is a board director of Uber, Nestlé, Exxon Mobil, Ford Foundation, Waystar and IHS Towers.”

Burns spelled out the Teneo social agenda in a June “Teneo Insights” conference call titled “A Weekly Update From Teneo: Corporate Leadership in Driving Societal Change.” Observe how Burns is openly asserting that the many crises that rocked this nation in 2020 are valuable tools that should be harnessed to topple existing norms in American life:

There’s no one in this world whose life has not been impacted by the coronavirus either physically or mentally and therefore we have lots of time. We’re sitting at home, we’re doing a lot of things that we just didn’t do before. We go running from pillar to post. We’re spending a lot more time inside and internally. What has happened is we’ve piled on top of that a very, very disruptive, disturbing set of occurrences in Minnesota [George Floyd]. You pile on that, a president in the United States who is insensitive, who’s barbaric, who is a racist, and a sexist. You pile on top of that, a set of numbers from an economic standpoint that are frightening, so many people just literally being economically disrupted. You pile on top of that, businesses being forced to think about their go-forward business plans differently; not race and gender to start with, but everything. “Do I go back to the office?” etc.

All of this change at the same time has come to what I call “the perfect storm”, and I think it’s a time of hope. Believe it or not, I think this is a time when we can reset some of the norms. We can reset how we interact with each other, how we value each other, how we police. We can reset economic distribution. I don’t think it’s going to happen like tomorrow, and I don’t think it’s going to happen by us all saying words, but I think that there’s enough unsettledness in the world today at all levels that we can talk to make some progress that the past events of Rodney King, and etc., just didn’t have this kind of conflagration of events, so I think it’s really interesting.

Far from hiding this agenda, Teneo celebrates it. Burns is a prominent face for the “Teneo Vision Book 2021,” a publication touting the corporation’s plans for the year ahead. She can be seen in a YouTube video for the Vision Book echoing her call for corporations to work to profoundly change the social fabric of America.

There are other ways to foment the disruptions that will afford the pretext for radical societal change. Former New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton is Executive Chairman, Risk Advisory, at Teneo. Bratton has regularly been trotted out by big-box TV news outlets to parrot the monolithic establishment narrative that Trump supporters who wandered into the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 as police in many cases opened the way for them are “domestic terrorists.”

Bratton disgustingly appeared on MSNBC to present his lamely “authoritative” conclusion that these dangerous red hats represent a worse terror threat to the nation than ISIS:

Paul Ryan’s boss at Teneo is CEO Declan Kelly. The Irish businessman is a staunch advocate of globalism who is intimately tied to the Bill Gates orbit.

Kelly is also a Board member at the internationalist organization Global Citizen. Follow the money here to see how this all works.

“Microsoft founder Bill Gates’s philanthropic trust donated more than $16 million to Global Citizen, the charity venture promoted by public relations businessman Declan Kelly,” the Irish publication Business Post reported in January.

Bill and Melinda Gates are indeed Global Citizens:

Kelly played a driving role in staging a 2020 “Global Concert” for Global Citizen. These concerts make up the highest profile activity that the organization performs.

Naturally, Teneo has officially partnered with Global Citizen.

Clinton, Gates, big-brand corporations… all this money intermingling together. This is what Paul Ryan dearly wants a slice of. And whatever principles the man who loved to bask in the image of the former altar boy once claimed to stand for will not get in his way.

Global Citizen is ardently pro-abortion. Here is the group celebrating a 2019 victory for abortion rights in Northern Ireland. In doing so, it declares that the cause is at the heart of its mission:

Why Global Citizens Should Care
Northern Ireland just took a huge step toward establishing equality for all as same-sex marriage and access to reproductive care and family planning was legalised. The move is an important one that advances both LGBTQ rights and gender equality. You can take action to support these issues and help tackle discrimination here.

Abortion must be defended in America too, the group exclaims:

Squeaky-eared Catholic conservative Paul Ryan, what are you doing chumming around with this crowd?

Of course we know. It’s where he always belonged. The true nature of Uniparty acolyte Paul Ryan can be seen by the company he keeps today. It is fitting, then, that Ryan has a new colleague to pal along with. Teneo proudly announced on Jan. 11 that it is bringing on CNN stooge Van Jones as a Senior Advisor.

Joe Schaeffer is the former Managing Editor of The Washington Times National Weekly Edition. His columns appear at and

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