Passive aggressive Mexico enables the ongoing migrant invasion of the USA

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Jeffrey T. Kuhner

America is being invaded. This is the real meaning of the Central American migrant caravan that has just crossed our southern border with impunity.

For over six weeks, the mainstream media has documented — and cheered on — hundreds of illegal immigrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador as they have made their trek across Mexico to the San Diego sector near Tijuana.

To paraphrase Julius Caesar: They came; they saw; they conquered.

Members of the caravan and their supporters at the southern border fence on April 29, 2018. / Reuters

Hundreds of the migrants simply overran our border and entered America illegally. Hundreds more are being processed by U.S. border agents, claiming asylum status. They will then be released and given a date to appear in immigration court several years from now, and most likely, all of them will never be seen again.

Like the overwhelming majority of illegals, they will go on government assistance — food stamps, welfare, public housing, Medicaid and free public education.

U.S. taxpayers will foot the bill. Each illegal costs about $50,000 a year. They are sucking the public teat. And they are slowly bleeding America white. In Massachusetts alone, health care and welfare benefits for illegal aliens cost taxpayers over $2 billion each year. Illegal immigration threatens to bankrupt our country.

Moreover, some of the illegal immigrants are violent criminals, drug traffickers and gang members. Others bring with them dangerous diseases.

One of the caravan migrants, the very few that were arrested by the Border Patrol, admitted to being a member of the vicious MS-13 gang. These thugs have been infiltrating caravans of illegal aliens for years. Hence, more Americans will be senselessly murdered, assaulted and raped.

Many of the caravan migrants waved Honduran flags and sang the Honduran national anthem as they poured across the U.S.-Mexico border. Immigrants don’t behave that way — they are grateful, humble and want to assimilate and become Americans.

Conquerors behave like this. They are asserting their cultural solidarity and ethnic separatism over America. And why shouldn’t they? They have shown that our borders, independence and national sovereignty exist only on paper. In reality, the illegals have succeeded in undermining the rule of law and overwhelming our immigration system.

For all of his tough talk, Trump failed to repel the invasion. The migrants have exposed a seminal reality: The United States is a paper tiger. We are unwilling to secure our porous borders.

Which begs the question: Is Mexico a hostile foreign adversary? The answer is obvious. It was the Mexican government that aided and abetted the migrant caravan. It allowed them to illegally enter Mexican soil, and then helped the migrants by providing transportation, food and shelter.

Mexican police even escorted the illegal aliens by bus from Tijuana to the San Diego border post. In fact, the Mexican government has openly encouraged and aided millions of its citizens to enter the U.S. illegally. Its goal: To export its underclass and dump them on Uncle Sam. There are at least 12-20 million illegal aliens in America. Mexico is directly complicit in supporting this massive invasion.

Mexico is — and often has been — an enemy of the United States.

For over 150 years, it has been America’s soft underbelly. Illegal aliens, criminals, murderers, rapists, leftist revolutionaries — since the mid-19th century, the U.S. government has been forced to put troops along the southern border. In fact, for nearly a hundred years, Washington ordered the Army — not the National Guard, but the Army — to patrol and protect the U.S.-Mexican border.

Mexico allied with the Kaiser’s Germany against America in 1917. During the Cold War, Mexico City offered a safe haven for the KGB and Soviet agents to spread communism throughout the Western Hemisphere. Its drug cartels are responsible for over 90 percent of the heroin that comes into America. A recent opinion poll said 65 percent of Mexicans “dislike” Americans; 42 percent said “intensely.”

The reason is simple: Mexico is fundamentally an anti-American and revanchist power. In public schools and major newspapers, Mexican nationalists repeatedly claim that the U.S. Southwest is stolen land. Government leaders, editorial writers, university students, school teachers — official ideology asserts that the 1848 Mexican-American War constituted a great historical crime against Mexico and its people.

The ultimate objective is “La Reconquista,” the re-conquest of historic Mexican territory, such as California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Uncontrolled illegal immigration is part of Mexico’s long-term plan to re-annex the entire U.S. Southwest. This is why Mexico City refuses to lift a finger to help secure our border. Mexico wants it dissolved.

Mexican nationalists understand that demography is destiny. And time is now on their side.

Our globalist elites, however, remain obsessed with far-away places and fighting endless wars in the Middle East. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iran — none of them pose the kind of direct threat to American national security as does Mexico.

That hostile nation is slowly bleeding and bankrupting us. Hence, Trump needs to act before it is too late. He should declare a national emergency; immediately build a wall; double the number of our border agents; terminate NAFTA; and put U.S. military forces, not the National Guard, along the entire southern border.

For decades, Mexican leaders have been putting Mexico first. It’s time we put America first.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at and the host of “The Kuhner Report” weekdays 12-3 pm EST on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.