Parents win against Planned Parenthood sex-ed agenda after shocking reveal

by WorldTribune Staff, December 10, 2019

Parents in Massachusetts scored a “huge victory” over Planned Parenthood when the abortion provider’s sex-education curriculum was voted down by the Worcester school board.

The parents, along with church leaders, joined with the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) to protest what they said was Planned Parenthood’s disturbingly graphic “Making Proud Choices” sex-ed curriculum which seeks to “normalize abortion” to middle school and high school students.

In a testimony before the Worcester school board, MFI director Michael King revealed that one of the sex-ed program’s workshops had redefined “abstinence” to include: “French-kissing; anal sex; fingering a partner’s genitals; mutual masturbation; dry humping; sharing fantasies … phone sex … grinding … sex with clothes on; rubbing bodies with clothes on; masturbating a partner; hand job … mouth-penis contact; touching a partner’s nipples … mouth-anus contact … striptease and caressing a partner’s scrotum and testicles.”

“The only reason I read that is because that is how we are defining abstinence today,” King told the school board. “And I think a lot of people in this room would have a different definition of abstinence.”

Referring to the oft-repeated leftist objection that “abstinence education does not work with teens,” King said, “If studies show that abstinence doesn’t work, maybe it’s because they’ve redefined it and they’re not really looking at the real definition.”

Planned Parenthood had insisted the goal of the sex-ed program “is to reduce sexual risk-taking behaviors emphasizing the use of condoms and empowering teens to make their own decisions about how they can be sexually healthy.”

The ActivistMommy website noted in a Dec. 9 post: “Don’t you love how deceptively innocent Planned Parenthood can make itself sound? This is exactly the carefully-spun language such programs use to slither into our schools.”

Mary Ellen Siegler, MFI’s consultant on comprehensive sex education, told Breitbart News that many parents and school officials are not fully aware of what children ultimately are taught in programs like Making Proud Choices.

Siegler reported that parents often receive “cursory or evasive” answers from school officials when they seek details on what their children will be taught. “They’re being sent back this information that, honestly, if you are not educated on the issues or haven’t done the deep research, it looks like what they’re being presented is totally fine,” she explained.

When outraged parents and church leaders joined with MFI to protest the curriculum, the Worcester school board voted to scrap it.

“We succeeded in defeating Planned Parenthood and protecting the minds and hearts of our young people in Worcester,” MFI’s King said. “But parents, community leaders, and pro-family advocates can team up anywhere to strengthen the family, life, and liberty.”

The ActivistMommy post noted: “If this pornographic ‘education’ program can be defeated in a through-and-through blue state like Massachusetts, it can be rooted out from every school across the nation.”

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