Palestinians warned not to participate in ‘Kiki’ dance challenge

by WorldTribune Staff, July 29, 2018

Palestinians are the latest Middle East citizens to be warned by authorities not to participate in the “Kiki challenge.”

For some, the ‘Kiki Challenge’ has not ended well.

In the “Kiki challenge” – which has gone viral on social media – participants get out of a slowly moving car and leave the door open as they dance alongside it in sync with the song “In My Feelings” by Canadian hip-hop star Drake.

“Participation in such unacceptable practices constitutes a crime punishable by law with imprisonment for a period ranging from two months to one year and a fine of 120 Jordanian dinars ($180),” Palestinian police said, according to a report by i24 news.

Additionally, the driver’s licenses of participants will be withdrawn and cars may be impounded, the Palestinian police said. The penalty will be doubled if the convicted person commits the same offense within two years.

There have been more than 2 million tweets related to the dance, according to Twitter.

Other countries in the Middle East have outlawed the “Kiki challenge”.

Kiki dancers in Egyp face jail time and fines. Maj. Gen. Magdy el-Shahid, the former head of the General Directorate of Traffic, told Ten TV that “According to Article 81 of the traffic law, any person who … prevents the use of a part of the road … or impedes the traffic flow or endangers lives faces a jail term of up to one year or pays a fine between 1,000 and 3,000 Egyptian pounds [$56 to $168].”

In the UAE, participants face a Dh2,000 fine ($545), 23 black points on their driver’s license and having their cars impounded for 60 days, according to Emirati authorities.

Officials in Abu Dhabi said they have ordered the arrest of three “famous” social media users for taking part in the challenge. The public prosecutor’s office, which did not reveal the names of the three people ordered detained, warned that anyone taking part in the challenge would be in “violation of public morals.”

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