Opinion: One damn good reason to vote for Trump

Special to WorldTribune.com

Editorial, the Asheville Tribune, June 29, 2016

If you sat back and reflected just a little, you would have to know that it is really the judges who rule the country. The Executive and the Congress have become simply advisory boards to the Judges.

We have become One Nation Under Judges. Nine people.

ScalesIf they decide that gay marriage is ok, then it is.

If they decide that your property belongs to the government, then it does.

If they decide that Obamacare is perfectly legal, then it is.

If they decide that certain speech is prohibited, then it is.

If they decide that certain or all guns are illegal, then they are.

If they decide that illegals are to be made legal, then they are.

If they decide that sexual orientation is the same thing as biological sex, then it is.

If they decide that prayers to God should be outlawed in school, then they are.

If they decide that the Pledge of Allegiance cannot be said at football games, then it cannot.

For a more in depth analysis, should you choose, go to http://www.thetribunepapers.com/2013/06/30/one-nation-under-judges/

If the liberals get complete control of the Supreme Court, it won’t be long before nothing else matters. 1984 will have completely arrived.

Hillary will see to that.

The selections of these Judges in the coming years are the single most important decisions that will be made. If Hillary gets to make them, we are radically changed for decades.

Donald Trump has shown us an excellent group from which he would choose. All of his choices have been reviewed and have been found to be excellent.

For this reason – and if necessary this reason alone – your vote should go to Trump. No issue is really more important. Any and all other reasons pale by comparison. Remember that.

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