Open secret in DC press corps: The Swamp is awash in Chinese money

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, July 15, 2021

Big bucks of the communist kind keep inhabitants of The Swamp silent when it comes to China’s many abuses, a longtime Washington journalist said.

Before, and now after, Donald Trump arrived in Washington, D.C., China was supremely confident in its ability to solve a problem in what was once known as the capital of the Free World by throwing wads of cash at it, Washington Times correspondent Rowan Scarborough noted in a July 13 analysis.

Chinese supreme leader Xi Jinping with then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Washington insiders are well aware of the long list of politicians, think tanks, lobbyists and media groups on the receiving end of Chinese cash. And why hasn’t it been reported? Readers can connect the dots.

Scarborough cited a televised speech in November by Di Dongsheng, a professor, and think tank director who advises the iron-fist Politburo. Di boasted of China’s ability to control Washington from the inside.

“I’m going to throw out something maybe a little bit explosive here,” Di said. “It’s just because we have people at the top. We have our old friends who are at the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence. We have our old friends.”

Di added: “There’s nothing that dollars can’t handle. … If I can’t do it with one stack of dollars, I’ll do it with two.”

Di went on to applaud the ouster of Trump and said the installation of Joe Biden would resurrect “the traditional elite, the political elite, the establishment.”

Washington, Scarborough noted, “is awash in Chinese money. One of the first places Hunter Biden went hunting for cash once his dad became vice president was China. Six trips, one on Joe’s official jet.”

“This China-America money nexus helps explain why virtually no Democrat has criticized China for leaking a deadly virus to the world and then repeatedly lying about it. It’s not contagious to humans, Chinese officials assured us — even though they knew it was,” Scarborough noted.

The World Health Organization (WHO) repeated the lie as did U.S. virus czar Anthony Fauci, who said as late as Feb. 29, 2020, that Americans had little to fear from Covid.

“China’s deep propaganda machine, including components right here in Washington, told the world the virus was imported to Wuhan by the U.S. military,” Scarborough wrote. “Another big Beijing lie.”

Democrats in Congress “are not only unwilling to criticize China, but they also won’t investigate Beijing’s war crimes against humanity. That job has been left to an ad hoc Republican task force which convened on Tuesday for the first time,” Scarborough noted.

Corporate oligarchs who gorge at the China money trough are all too happy to do the communist country’s bidding in The Swamp.

Microsoft, founded by leftist globalist Bill Gates, “was one of the first big U.S. tech firms to become a player in China’s cyber adventures,” Scarborough noted. “Microsoft’s second-largest R&D center, after the U.S., is its Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group in Shenzhen, with over 3,000 scientists and engineers. MGates himself has publicly praised Beijing’s Covid-19 response.”

Microsoft employees and the Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation gave huge amounts of cash to Democrats in the 2020 election cycle, according to the nonprofit research arm Of $21 million in contributions, most went to Democrats, including Biden ($2.4 million) and the party’s candidates ($14 million). Microsoft employees also pumped $1.8 million into the Democratic National Committee and financially aided left-wing activists such as Georgia’s Stacy Abrams.

“Another example of China‘s influence and clout is Apple, one of Beijing’s friendliest big tech firms,” Scarborough noted.

Apple iPhones and iPads are made by China’s cheap labor pool. Among Apple’s $8.7 million in political donations, the top 10 recipients, led by Biden at $1.8 million, are all Democrats except one. The No. 2 recipient is socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, followed by the Democratic National Committee.

“The bottom line: Democrats have to be thinking, why risk the money flow by delving into one of the deadliest pandemics ever and finding out China poisoned the world? If China retaliates, perhaps the Democrats’ corporate donors would find less cash to spread around. And Democratic consultants, PR maestros, and lawyers would be out of a job,” Scarborough wrote.

As vice president, Biden traveled in China in 2011 to tell the communist rulers how important they are to him: “In order to cement this robust partnership, we have to go beyond close ties between Washington and Beijing, which we’re working on every day, go beyond it to include all levels of government, go beyond it to include classrooms and laboratories, athletic fields and boardrooms,” he said at the time.

“That pretty much amounts to a green light for complete Chinese infiltration, at a time when son Hunter Biden was visiting China in search of tycoon cash for his personal business endeavors,” Scarborough noted.

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