Open letter to the American people: We Soviet emigres have already seen this movie

Lev Navrozov

Am I to believe that I have wasted forty years of my life in this country trying to explain the nature of dictatorship and what it meant to have been born and lived in Stalin’s paradise the first half of my life?

Have I failed to pass on to you my first-hand knowledge of the misery of millions of those gullible, trusting Russian people, who fell prey to the fiery, well-rehearsed speeches of those eloquent Marxist social-revolutionaries, who promised fraternity, equal rights, free medicine, free education for all, good life, and sharing the wealth of the rich only to find themselves trapped for life in that socialist, inhuman, criminal “experiment.” What did the Russians get instead? Lies, empty promises, high unemployment, and more lies.

Saul Alinksy, Karl Marx, Barack Obama. /

Sounds familiar?

Russian skepticism is well expressed in an old song a young girl sings to someone whom she is dating but who does not propose to her:

Ahh, stop your lies my dear sweety,
Your words are no longer new.
All you promise is just words and words.
Just empty words that come from you.

America for us Russians was a dream, a fairy tale, a beacon of justice and freedom. It was the country we all dreamed about. And I have lived long enough in this country of my dream to witness the triumph of justice — the racial equality, the color-blind America — the election of the first black president of the United States! The American voters must have made the right choice, I thought — young, bright, an accomplished student of law.

Little did I know four years ago that the man the country voted for had his own agenda for re-shaping this country by bringing about social changes. The same social changes the Russian Marxists of all brands had inflicted upon Russia.

Now is the crucial time for the voters to ask themselves if the choice they had made four years ago was the right one. And if the answer is no, do not vote for Obama’s a second term (he said he so desperately needs). Fire him, let him join the ranks of the unemployed and start looking for a job.

It is one thing to tell you (to gain your sympathy and your vote) that he is one of you, that he understands you and knows how it feels to live from check to check or not have a job. And it’s quite another thing to become one of you — to lose a job, to lose your house because of the mortgage you cannot any longer afford to pay or not being able to send his daughters to a school of his choice.

Obama was your wrong choice. Do not give him another chance to carry out his agenda to convert this unique country into the Soviet-style “socialist paradise.” It was a painful experience for Russia, and it won’t work for this country. It took the Russian people almost a century to gain back even a remote semblance of freedom, like traveling abroad or having their own businesses. All their attempts at achieving full democracy have failed, because the people are unarmed and do not have the right to bear arms.

And hasn’t Obama been advocating the gun control? This is how it all starts, and before you know it he will sign it into law, in violation of American Constitution, which grants the people the right to bear arms to defend themselves. Another four years in office and Obama will irreversibly change these United States of America as we know it.

What did Americans who voted for Obama know about the man to whom they so readily entrusted their country, their lives, and their future?

A handsome man, a college graduate with a law degree, Obama settled in Chicago, where he started working as a community organizer for a Gamaliel Foundation organization.

What is a community organizing? Every city in Stalin’s Russia used to have community organizations. Every building, usually in the basement, had what was called “krasny ugolok” (a “red little corner”). That usually was a place adorned with political posters, communist propaganda literature, “educational” books on “communist leaders” — Marx, Lenin, and Stalin.

Those “red little corners” had sports equipment, billiards, and all sorts of games and entertainment, where mostly young (and sometimes not so young) people would get together, actually forming their grassroot political (“komsomol”) communities, which were sponsored by the Soviet government.

Saul Alinsky, based in Chicago, is credited with originating the term community organizer. This is what we read: “Alinsky wrote Reveille for Radicals, published in 1946, and Rules for Radicals, published in 1971. With these books, Alinsky was the first person in America to codify key strategies and aims of community organizing. He also founded the first national community organizing training network, the Industrial Areas Foundation… (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

“There are many notable community organizers: Mary Harris ‘Mother’ Jones, Martin Luther King, Jr., Ralf Nader, and Barack Obama among others.

“More recently has come the emergence of youth organizing groups around the country. These groups use neo-Alinsky strategies. Most of these groups are created by and directed by youth or former youth organizers.

“Since Obama’s election, the campaign website, formerly ‘Obama for America,’ has been renamed ‘Organizing for America.’and has been placed under the auspices of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). This rebranded organization promotes the president’s legislative agenda items, such as health care reform, which was a key focus of the ‘OFA’ during 2009” (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

I watched the first presidential debate this week — Obama vs. Mitt Romney, a bright, intelligent man of business I would trust. Obama struck me by being just a figurehead, a puppet of those community organizers who propelled him to this high post. I could not detect any sign of intelligence on his face: no written script and no teleprompter to help him out. He was helpless, listless, with a blank, idiotic expression on his face, incapable of independent thinking.

How dare this “law professor,” an unprincipled idiot, address his camouflaged racially charged speeches to the country which elevated him to the highest post, accusing it of racism? Does he not realize that he must reciprocate the people of this country by showing some appreciation and do some good for those who had voted for him?

I believe that the American voters realize how crucial their choice will be in the forthcoming elections: To either reinstate the former glory and strength of this country or fall prey to community organizers and their socialist ideals. Vote for Mitt Romney!

Lev Navrozov can be reached by e-mail at [email protected].