On the road with Trump, press corps synchs up on erroneous reports

by WorldTribune Staff, November 8, 2017

Oh, the stories they tell.

On the morning of Nov. 6, the Mainstream Media on the road in Japan with U.S. President Donald Trump was slamming the president for what they said was a major faux paus in the way he fed goldfish.

Trump dumped a box of food in a Koi pond, and several media outlets led by CNN went into scandal mode because supposedly he was to only toss spoonfuls of food to the fish.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe dumps his box of food into a fish pond. U.S. President Donald Trump then did the same.

All the stories told the same tale, but as it turns out, Trump only dumped in the food after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe did the same thing, and that style of feeding fish in a Koi pond is standard practice.

CNN edited a video of the alleged heinous act, taking Abe out.

By midday on Nov. 6, the MSM was at it again.

In a speech Trump made to Japanese automakers, the MSM fished out a few quotes, dropped the context and labeled the president clueless.

In its “report”, CNN ran with the Trump quote: “Try building your cars in the United States instead of shipping them over. Is that possible to ask? That’s not rude. Is that rude? I don’t think so.”

Slate tweeted: “Trump Begs Japanese Automakers to Build Their Cars in America, Which They Already Do”

Chad Livengood of The Detroit News tweeted: “Trump: Japanese automakers don’t assemble in U.S. 75% of Japanese-brand vehicles sold in U.S. built in North America”

Journalist Jake Adelstein tweeted: “Today in Tokyo #Trump demanded Japan’s automakers make their cars in the USA. They already are.”

What really happened? Let’s go to the transcript.

Trump told the automakers: “I also want to recognize the business leaders in the room whose confidence in the United States – they’ve been creating jobs – you have such confidence in the United States, and you’ve been creating jobs for our country for a long, long time. Several Japanese automobile industry firms have been really doing a job. And we love it when you build cars – if you’re a Japanese firm, we love it – try building your cars in the United States instead of shipping them over. Is that possible to ask? That’s not rude. Is that rude? I don’t think so. (Laughter.) If you could build them. But I must say, Toyota and Mazda – where are you? Are you here, anybody? Toyota? Mazda? I thought so. Oh, I thought that was you. That’s big stuff. Congratulations. Come on, let me shake your hand. (Applause.) They’re going to invest $1.6 billion in building a new manufacturing plant, which will create as many as 4,000 new jobs in the United States. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. (Applause.)”

How did all members of the traveling press get their stories wrong in exactly the same way?

RedState noted that “The only way you can take from that statement that Trump is unaware of the investment the Japanese auto industry has made in the United States is by simply lying about it. Unfortunately, lying about Trump has become a legitimate news gathering technique by CNN, in particular, and the major media in general.”

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