On eve of audit report, Senate candidate Blake Masters tweets: ‘Powers that be’ removed Trump

by WorldTribune Staff, September 24, 2021

The Arizona special election audit report comes out today and Grand Canyon State GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters, who is shaping up to be a leading voice of the America First: The Next Generation movement, has eloquently stated its importance.

Senate candidate Blake Masters: ‘The America First contingent of voters that elected Donald Trump to the White House has no real representation within the halls of Congress.’ / Video Image

In a series of tweets posted Sept. 23, Masters, a protégé of tech titan Peter Thiel, stated what tens of millions of Americans know, despite the ruling establishment’s attempts to portray it as “fringe” and “extremist” belief: the election was rigged from the get-go.

The full thread can be read here:

A rigorously organized health “pandemic” that happened to come along at the perfect moment, fake polling, stifled and distorted media reporting and non-reporting – Masters runs through it all. And whereas it has been said before, keep in mind that this is a prominent Republican candidate for the upper chamber of Congress stoutly speaking out against the fraud-riddled shenanigans of Nov. 3:

First: COVID gave the left an excuse to change voting procedures. State election laws were ignored or altered, they flooded the zone with mail-in ballots (my colleague  received 4 ballots, in multiple states), lowered sig verification standards, key deadlines, etc.

Then the media kicked into gear:

In August & Sept, you started to see news headlines warning us — you might say priming us — oh don’t expect results on election night! This election will take *weeks* to adjudicate. (Nevermind that in a first-world country, we ought to know results within 24 hours)

Journalists and professional pollsters intimately connected with the ruling political establishment fostered a narrative that Joe Biden had a large and insurmountable lead:

The polls leading up to Nov 2020 were also fake. Propaganda. Of course, polling is rarely spot-on. But all the polls showing Biden up *12  points* nationally were so off, it’s clear they weren’t even trying to be accurate. No, they were designed to suppress the Trump vote.

Big Tech bias was ludicrously transparent:

The media and Big Tech had their thumb on the scale. Anti-Trump disinformation became the official narrative. Facebook axed the Hunter Biden laptop story! A true story, in a real newspaper, yanked off of Facebook weeks before an election.

(Mark Zuckerberg also donated $300 million to organizations to distribute to local election officials in order to “bolster democracy.” No doubt all that cash was spent in a nonpartisan fashion!)

Masters then delves into Nov. 3 itself, a chaotic evening (and following morning) that saw Fox News call Arizona for Biden “irresponsibly early” and multiple key swing states deciding to stop counting ballots at the same time. We all saw what happened when counting later resumed: a floodtide for Joe Biden.

And it is in this vein in which makes his most crucial point:

But here’s what I’ve learned from talking with thousands of Arizonans in the past 3 months. People know this election was screwed up. It was a mess, even Independents acknowledge this.

The exact details may still remain unclear as of now, but the American people know what happened, and why it happened, Masters asserts:

Some people came to believe specific theories that may  be wrong, and maybe the audit shows that. But they’re right about what’s most important: the powers that be would tell any lie and do anything in their power to remove President Trump from the White House.

“They literally bragged about” rigging the election, Masters goes on to say, referring to the infamous Feb. 4 Time magazine article that boasts of a “a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes” to ensure a Trump defeat.

Masters closes by concluding:

We have to make election security a priority. We simply must, or the U.S.A. will be gone forever. It starts with stopping the indiscriminate mass mailing of mail-in ballots, and requiring voter ID for every ballot, mail-in or in person.

Imagine if all 49 Republicans currently sitting in the United States Senate had the same willingness to call out the monstrous deceit that was Nov. 3. And this brings up a point every bit as important as the need to oppose the radical and treasonous forces entrenched inside an imposed Biden administration.

The fact remains that the America First contingent of voters that elected Donald Trump to the White House has no real representation within the halls of Congress. Oh, there may be a handful of representatives in the lower chamber and one or two isolated senators. But as a political bloc, this movement of tens of millions of citizens remains effectively shut out of the federal legislative process a full six years after Trump upended the Uniparty apple cart in the summer of 2015.

Audits conducted on the state level, far from the grip of Swamp elephant overlords such as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), may be one way to fight what happened on Nov. 3. But ultimately no substantial change will occur so long as the ruling political establishment continues to control both sides of the aisle on Capitol Hill.

Arizonans can decide for themselves next year whether Blake Masters is part of the answer to overturning this rancid monopoly. He has voiced bold stances against globalist trade swindles, endless foreign interventionism and other corrupt Swamp boondoggles.

But until Trump-supporting Republican voters demand their political candidates take bold and well-defined stances against the “powers that be” in Washington, D.C. and then live up to them, rather than being effortlessly absorbed by the Swamp as soon as they hit town, there will be many more Nov. 3s to come.

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