On conservatives’ Christmas wish list: Keep government shut down, fire Mueller . . .

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by WorldTribune Staff, December 24, 2018

Some conservatives say they could have a very merry Christmas if the partial government shutdown were made permanent and if special counsel Robert Mueller were sacked.

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“Open-borders politicians shut down one legitimate government function years ago,” Daniel Flynn wrote for The American Spectator.

“One hopes that when the federal government reopens, it resumes the practice of controlling the influx of foreigners into the country. This seems Trump’s gripe. He wants the shutdown of border security to cease.”

Meanwhile, a trio of GOP lawmakers are demanding Mueller’s ouster, saying the former FBI director was too closely involved with the Obama administration’s sale of 20 percent of the U.S.’s uranium assets to Russia.

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida introduced a resolution calling for the resignation of Mueller, who was heading up the FBI in 2010 when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved the Uranium One deal.

Gaetz, citing government documents, said that, as the Obama administration was considering the deal, the FBI had evidence of Russian bribery and required a confidential informant to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

“By silencing (the informant), Obama’s Justice Department and Mueller’s FBI knowingly kept Congress in the dark about Russia’s significant and illegal involvement with American uranium companies. These deeply troubling events took place when Mr. Mueller was the Director of the FBI,” Gaetz said in a statement. “As such, his impartiality is hopelessly compromised. He must step down immediately.”

Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona and Rep. Louis Gohmert of Texas co-sponsored Gaetz’s resolution.

Meanwhile most Americans appeared either unaware or unconcerned about their government being out of funds.

“One guesses that if the government really shut down – no Social Security checks, no armed forces, no borders (I guess that already happened) – serious panic might occur,” Flynn wrote.

“But, of course, a ‘government shutdown’ is, like so many words that come out of Washington, a lie. Parts of the government shuttered probably should close permanently. Hopefully, legislators glean this lesson from the experience.”

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