Obama blames alternative media for misleading heartland Americans

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, November 23, 2020

To all the deplorables out there, this message from your “rightful ruler” comes in the form of an interview with The Atlantic: Because of you and the “right-wing media” which leads you astray, I “fear for our democracy.”

The message was delivered from one of his pricey estates by Barack Obama. In the interview, the former president condescended to elaborate on the leftist image of the toothless, uneducated, gun-toting redneck conservative and the privately-owned alternative media platforms that easily manipulate them.

“I’ve said this before,” Obama said. “The problem facing the Republican Party, the conservative movement, whatever you want to call it, goes back to the attitudes of the base — attitudes that have been shaped by right-wing media. And so essentially what Republican elected officials have done is to say to themselves that in order to survive, we have to go along with conspiracy theorizing, false assertion, fantasies that Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh and others in that echo chamber have concocted, because people believe them.”

That’s right all you Trump-loving Bible-clingers, Obama has returned to redeem you all over again.

“The good news is that Moses is back. Not in the form of his designated heir and successor, but in the person of the prophet himself, brandishing heavy tablets in book form, ready to smite the idol and restore his people’s faith,” Gerard Baker noted in a Nov. 23 op-ed for the Wall Street Journal.

“There’s no one who seems more captivated by the idea of Barack Obama as a historical figure on a quasispiritual mission than the 44th president himself.”

The first volume of Obama’s White House memoir is actually titled “A Promised Land.”

In this telling, “Obama was elected to heal and reform a broken and flawed America. He kept his side of the bargain, governing judiciously, animated by reason and justice. But evil Republicans, propelled by right-wing media, refused to be conciliated. Instead they pandered to their base and exploited the election of America’s first mixed-race president to stoke ancient hatreds and ultimately to elect Donald Trump,” Baker wrote.

Baker continued:

“It’s nonsense. Obama was in the main an unusually skilled politician, a clever rhetorician adept at cloaking his progressive ideology in the mantle of a higher idealism. … He fails even to see, let alone acknowledge, that it was his membership of a disdainful, ideologically monolithic class, rather than his race, that fostered so much of the resentment that led to the election of his successor. What followed Obama was less a suddenly discovered taste for racist authoritarianism than the revenge of those he had once dismissed as bitter clingers, or those who didn’t share his Princeton-educated wife’s view that his election was the first occasion in American history for genuine pride.”

Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley said of Obama’s Atlantic interview: “Hubris. No matter how you slice it, this is yet another example of snobbish leftism on display, the ugly attitude that says, ‘if you’re not with me, then it’s because you’re too stupid to see clearly.’ ”

The Obama “way of governing — the Democratic Party way of regarding America — is not the Founding Father way. It’s the conservatives of the country, and in particular, the conservatives who make up the Republican Party’s base, who see government as a tool to uphold the rights that are already granted the individuals from God. And that’s the attitude upon which this nation was formed,” Chumley wrote.

“That Obama dismisses this base as ignorant — as nonthinking sheep herded toward nonthinking policy by an equally nonthinking ‘right-wing media’ — is not surprising. He’s part of the elitist circle of politicians who believe they’re the rightful rulers of Earth. But it is offensive. It is highly arrogant and patently condescending, and truth be told, those are the traits all the left’s political leaders share. They all have those characteristics in common. They’re blinded by arrogance, deafened by their own holier-than-thou proclamations, deceived by their own secular intelligence,” Chumley wrote.

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