NYT ‘solutions journalist’, funded by Bill Gates: Tucker Carlson is ‘propagandist bordering on treason’

Special to WorldTribune, March 6, 2022

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

Imagine being called a propaganda shill by the dancing nurses version of a hack journalist in service to the ruling establishment.

It happened to Fox News host Tucker Carlson:

David Bornstein is a longtime writer for The New York Times. For 11 years, he and Tina Rosenberg wrote the Fixes column for the ruling regime paper of record. The column ended last November.

Bornstein is also the co-founder and CEO of something called Solutions Journalism Network.

As documented below, SJN’s generous funding appears to be tied to promoting the notion that the ruling progressive establishment is indeed Superman and can and will save the world. We’re not kidding, this is what it does.

Not so coincidentally, the enterprise is heavily funded by Bill Gates, the man who epitomizes that social engineering elitist fantasy in its most malignant form. There are numerous other donors that present a clear conflict of interest to any real journalist. Most notable is the Tides Foundation, an infamous leftist “philanthropy” backed by George Soros to the tune of more than $20 million over the years.

David Bornstein

The amount of Gates funding to SJN is hardly trivial. Since 2014, it adds up to more than $7 million.

Here’s Bornstein bloviating on the Glory of Progressive Man in a 2012 NYT column:

After looking at hundreds of examples of social change efforts, I see a side of reality that goes unreported: namely, that we’re getting smarter about the way we’re addressing social problems. In fact, I would go so far as to say we’re on the verge of a breakthrough — maybe even a new Enlightenment….

If that sounds like an overstatement, consider the comparison. The Enlightenment was a period in history when fanciful thinking gave way to a more rational understanding of cause and effect. It promoted the scientific method, challenged ideas grounded in tradition, faith or superstition, and advocated the restructuring of governments and social institutions based on reason. (It was not always so enlightened, however. While Enlightenment thinkers sought to advance the public good — producing documents like The Bill of Rights — they also used reason to justify colonialism and slavery.)

Today’s Enlightenment stems from new understandings and practices that have taken hold in the social sector and are producing better and measurable results against a range of problems.

This soft-serve ruling regime claptrap was written 10 years ago. And just look at the megalomania we are dealing with today. Is it too far-fetched to conclude that Bornstein was serving as a 2012 John the Baptist prophesying the approach of the secular messiah who now walks among us today?

This is even too much for dominant media organization The Columbia Journalism Review to stomach. Tim Schwab wrote for CJR last August:

Last summer, buried at the end of a long CJR investigation, I reported that two Times columnists, David Bornstein and Tina Rosenberg, had been writing about the Gates Foundation for years without disclosing that they work for an outside group, the Solutions Journalism Network, that is heavily funded by the foundation. The columnists acknowledged the undisclosed conflict and asked the Times to belatedly disclose their ties to Gates in several previously published columns. The Times never followed through. In 2020, it told me it wasn’t a priority.

Tina Rosenberg is the other co-founder of Solutions Journalism Network. It really is all too ridiculous. Schwab continues:

In my CJR investigation, I had found fifteen columns that mention Bill and Melinda Gates, their private foundation, or the work it funds. I located one corrected column, a glowing review of the Gates-funded World Mosquito Program, which I had highlighted in my CJR investigation. Yet, Rosenberg wrote about the project again in 2019, and that column remains uncorrected….

When I pushed the Times to explain, Eileen Murphy, senior vice president of corporate communications for the Times, would not provide clarification. “We’re comfortable with where we have landed on this issue,” she said.

Here’s a 2017 Bill Gates tweet in which he praises the work of his employee Rosenberg. And she’s pushing vaccines, how about that?

The article that so pleased Gates? “Stopping Pandemics Before They Start.”

This is called seeding the ground, yet David Bornstein would have you believe there is nothing the least bit sketchy about any of it at all.

There’s a lot more conflict than this in Bornstein’s “solutions journalism” universe. Of course, with this kind of personal mandate, the first thing worth pointing out is that Bornstein is appointing himself as the one who gets to decide what is “good.”

To the surprise of no one, his view of goodness comes from a decidedly partisan lens.

Bornstein is an “official member” of The Progress Network, a project of New America.

What is New America? As WorldTribune documented in January 2020:

New America, formerly the New America Foundation, is certainly aptly named. This leftist think tank most assuredly hates the “old” America and is dedicated to enacting profound social and cultural change. Laughably billing itself as nonpartisan, a review of its publications and programs shows a markedly radical progressive orientation. But its top leadership gives the game away. New America is using inflammatory social agitation as a means to weaken national unity and usher in a transnational globalist future.

Guess who heavily funds it?

Google is listed alongside George Soros in the $1 million-plus category. Also donating seven figures in 2018 were Arizona State University (New America VP Peter Bergen is a professor there. How shady is that?), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Siemens Foundation and, scandalously, the U.S. State Department.

The Progress Network just so happens to completely share Bornstein’s mission of advancing the notion that the current ruling establishment is capable of and on the way to resolving all the problems in the world today:

The Progress Network’s members hold to principles required for a better future — trust in science, international cooperation, the furthering of education, long-term thinking and the celebration of progress. Areas of focus include politics, health, science, foreign affairs, climate change, technology, psychology, race relations and economic outcomes, among others.

Yet Tucker Carlson is a propagandist!

Hey, the five Ws only go so far. Progressive journalism is truly about crafting propaganda for the masses. Amazingly, Bornstein says as much. In May 2019 Bornstein told the globalist Aspen Institute:

How can any American possibly believe anything being dished out by our clown information control apparatus today?

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