George Soros and friends usher in the ‘New America’, old America be damned

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By Joe Schaeffer

It has become clear in recent years that those seeking to create a “New America” are following a very precise playbook. A leftist organization funded to the tune of over $1 million by globalist billionaire George Soros espouses a litany of divisive progressive social causes. This same organization’s leadership features executives with heavyweight connections to the political and media establishment in this country. And finally, the organization boasts a shockingly large roll call of major corporate sponsors eager to help support it in its efforts.

New America, formerly the New America Foundation, is certainly aptly named. This leftist think tank most assuredly hates the “old” America and is dedicated to enacting profound social and cultural change. Laughably billing itself as nonpartisan, a review of its publications and programs shows a markedly radical progressive orientation. But its top leadership gives the game away. New America is using inflammatory social agitation as a means to weaken national unity and usher in a transnational globalist future.

Anne-Marie Slaughter. / Creative Commons / CC-BY 2.0

Anne-Marie Slaughter is CEO of New America. Slaughter is a veteran of the Obama administration, having been appointed as Director of Policy Planning at the State Department in 2009 at the behest of then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Slaughter is perhaps best remembered at State for being a zealous advocate of the toppling of Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi in 2011.  Regime change in Libya is now universally condemned for unleashing chaos in a country that has unraveled into a violent, war-plagued hellhole in which torture and human slavery thrive. The Wikileaks release of emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server in 2015 revealed that Slaughter enthusiastically and relentlessly pushed for U.S. action in Libya. Slaughter felt military action there would boost America’s global prestige, as it would “change the image of the United States overnight, particularly with the millions of young people who are watching.”

Long before her time in the Obama administration, Slaughter had shown her devotion to a new international order that she felt would best be instituted via a “quiet emergence” that pays lip service to national sovereignty. In 2003 she penned an article for the academic journal Daedalus titled “Everyday global governance.” It deserves to be quoted at length in order to make Slaughter’s globalist devotion crystal clear:

“The new networks thus coexist alongside a much more traditional world order, structured by both the threat and use of ‘hard’ power. In that old world order, states still jealously guard their sovereignty and undertake commitments to one another with considerable caution. Still it is possible to glimpse the outlines of a very different kind of world order in the growing system of government networks. In this system, political power will remain primarily in the hands of national government officials, but will be supplemented by a select group of supranational institutions far more effective than those we know today. And in it, global justice could become more than a dream.”

What Slaughter was saying in 2003 was that globalists should acknowledge comforting totems of nationalism while stealthily working to implement a new transnational order. And now this same woman is running a think tank called New America.

Peter Bergen is a national security analyst for CNN. He is also Vice President for Global Studies at New America. Bergen seems particularly obsessed with promoting the notion that “right-wing” American citizens are a far greater terrorism threat to our country than Muslim extremists. In a 2014 article for CNN that also appears on the New America website that he co-authored with David Sterman, Bergen did not pull any punches. “Today in the United States, al Qaeda-type terrorism is the province of individuals with no real connection to foreign terrorists, aside from reading their propaganda online,” the article states. “Given this, it becomes harder to explain, in terms of American national security, why violence by homegrown right wing extremists receives substantially less attention than does violence by homegrown jihadist militants.”

This kind of looniness is a common feature among New America’s “experts” and authors. The think tank repeatedly advances particularly rabid versions of all the usual radical progressive talking points on immigration, race, sexism, homosexuality, etc.

A 2017 article at New America titled “You Sure You Know What an American Is?” stands out for its deeply mocking and condescending tone towards U.S. citizens who oppose illegal immigration. Jose Antonio Vargas is an illegal alien. According to the article, he shared this corker of a story with the organization:

“A common thread [Vargas] pointed out at New America’s annual conference on May 18 was the complaint, ‘If immigrants are going to live here, they should speak English.’ When Vargas overheard a woman say this at a Wal-Mart, he took the unconventional step of speaking to her, and asking her why she felt that way. After a short conversation, the truth came out — the woman was worried that she would not be able to learn Spanish.”

Yes, of course, personal discomfort is the only thing Americans are concerned about when it comes to illegal immigration. The rampant crime, balkanized neighborhoods and lack of social cohesion have nothing to do with it at all.

A Nov. 2018 blog post on the New America site argues that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement partnerships with local police departments are a “serious misstep” that pose a dire threat to the safety of young Latino schoolchildren in America. Even more over-the-top is an Oct. 2018 post  touting an event titled “American Hate: Survivors Speak Out.” This get-together was hosted by a Georgetown University law professor. “Jeanette Vizguerra, an undocumented mother of four, was forced to take sanctuary in a Denver church in February 2017 because she feared deportation under Trump’s cruel immigration enforcement regime,” reads the weepy prose describing the event.

A Jan. 2017 article welcomed President Trump into office by slamming his signature proposal to build a Wall at our porous southern border. “If US taxpayers foot the multi-billion dollar bill to have this thing constructed, we are shouting, ‘we don’t want you, you’re dangerous, and you don’t belong here’ to all of our southern neighbors,” the article reads. “This wall will be a tangible representation of our nation spending time, money, and resources prioritizing the formation of barriers rather than bridges.”

Are you beginning to get an idea of what kind of New America this organization has in mind?

It’s not only massive unchecked immigration that the radical group supports. Bashing Trump is a regular feature of this think tank’s “thinking.” New America Vice President for Education Policy and Knowledge Management (whatever that is) Kevin Carey wrote a scathing piece on Nov. 16, 2016, just eight days after Trump was elected president, bearing the pregnant title, “Teachers Should Tell the Truth About Trump.” And just what was that truth? A helpful subtitle quickly explains. “The President-elect is a bigot and children are right to be scared.”

Did I mention New America claims to be a non-partisan outfit committed to working with both Republicans and Democrats?

The organization has also featured prominent former Planned Parenthood leaders in its public events and has promoted an aggressively amped-up pro-homosexual curriculum for schoolchildren.

With all of the above exposing the group’s agenda, it is no surprise that George Soros’s Open Society Foundations bestowed over $1 million in funding to New America in 2018. But the long list of corporate supporters does raise an eyebrow.

Three prominent defense contractors donated to this leftist globalist organization in 2018. Right next to General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon one can find the Ploughshares Fund, a group devoted to eliminating nuclear weapons. The manufacturers of weapons of war and those devoted to the elimination of such weapons both find a home under the New America tent.

But perhaps there is a higher question that needs to be asked. Why exactly is the U.S. military industrial complex financially supporting an organization funded to the tune of over a million dollars by George Soros?

Other companies that donated to New America in 2018 include the Aetna Foundation, Amazon, Apple, Charter Communications, accounting giants Deloitte and KPMG, DISH Network, Facebook, Microsoft, the Mozilla Foundation and Walmart.

Google is listed alongside George Soros in the $1 million-plus category. Also donating seven figures in 2018 were Arizona State University (New America VP Peter Bergen is a professor there. How shady is that?), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Siemens Foundation and, scandalously, the U.S. State Department.

It would appear that Anne-Marie Slaughter’s 2003 vision of a soft approach to advancing globalism among proud citizens of sovereign nations is being meticulously advanced at New America. Once again we see how radical progressive social issues are used as a tool to push closer to that higher goal. We also see another common feature in America today: large and well-known corporate brands financially backing the effort to radically transform our nation so that it better fits within a new internationalist order.

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