‘Not one’ Democrat attended House screening of ‘Sound of Freedom’

by WorldTribune Staff, July 27, 2023

Radio host Mark Levin said he missed his first broadcast of “The Mark Levin Show” in 21 years on Tuesday. Why? He was attending House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s screening of “Sound of Freedom”.

While House members and guests gathered to watch the runaway box office hit, Levin said he noticed that one group was absent.

“Speaker McCarthy invited members of both parties to the special event. Not a single Democrat congressman attended. Not one,” Levin said.

Leftist media have urged moviegoers not to add to the movie’s box office success and even went so far as to tie it to the QAnon movement, even though the movie was made well before QAnon had even entered the public domain. Another reason leftists hate “Sound of Freedom”? Donald Trump also hosted a screening of the film.

Levin mocked Democrats for snubbing the film:

“It will expose the extent of child sex-trafficking not just throughout the globe, but especially in our country. And the open-borders policies of the regime have handed the borders over to the drug cartels, mobster kingpins, kidnappers, and sex-traffickers. Indeed, the level of children sex-trafficking has skyrocketed in the last few years. The Democrats and their media have dismissed the movie as Q-Non (sp?) inspired (whatever the hell that is or means). Why would they not want this horror known to the public and help eliminate it? Because their politics and policies are dead wrong, and they’re destroying and killing people. The sex-trafficking even involves infants.”

“I strongly encourage you to watch the movie, as soon as possible. It is the story of a DHS investigator who rejected the government’s red-tape and obstacles to tracking down a brother and sister who were kidnapped and sold into sex,” Levin said.

“Sound of Freedom”, starring Jim Caviezel and inspired by the real-life anti-sex trafficking pursuits of former government agent Tim Ballard, has grossed $124 million at the domestic box office just three weeks after its July 4 opening, according to Box Office Mojo. The film’s budget was $14.5 million.

The film has surpassed the total 2023 domestic gross of other big-name productions like “Scream VI” ($108 million), “The Flash” ($107 million), “M3GAN” ($95 million) and “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” ($93 million).

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