‘Not from nature’: Chinese virologist says her research shows covid originated in Wuhan lab

by WorldTribune Staff, September 14, 2020

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A Chinese virologist said that she will publish research which proves the coronavirus was human-made in a Wuhan, China laboratory.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, who fled China because she believed she would be “disappeared and killed” due to her intent to reveal information on covid’s origins, said in an interview with a British talk show that the virus “comes from the lab, the lab in Wuhan, and the lab is controlled by China’s government.”

Yan, who conducted early research on the coronavirus, said that initial reports from Chinese propaganda outlets that the virus originated in Wuhan markets were only a “smokescreen.”

“The first thing is the [meat] market in Wuhan … is a smokescreen, and this virus is not from nature,” said Yan, who says she got her intelligence on the virus “from the CDC in China, from the local doctors.”

“The genome sequence is like a human fingerprint,” Yan said. “And based on this, you can identify these things. I will [use this] evidence to tell people why this has come from the lab in China, why they are the ones who made it.”

“Anyone, even if you have no biology knowledge, will be able to read it and check and identify and verify it yourself,” she said.

The Chinese virologist made headlines earlier this year when she accused the Chinese government of covering up the coronavirus and fled Hong Kong for the U.S.

“The reason I came to the U.S. is because I deliver the message of the truth of covid,” she told Fox News in July.

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