North Korea: ‘Rotten-to-the-core American lifestyle is dominating South’

by WorldTribune Staff, January 31, 2019

The United States has colonized South Korea and by forcing its lifestyle on the South is eroding true Korean identity and culture, according to lecture materials given to North Korean Workers’ Party directors.

“American imperialists dominate South Korea and use whatever means necessary to force South Koreans to follow American lifestyles,” the propaganda materials say. “As a result, South Koreans are losing their own identity as Koreans and are finding it more and more difficult to practice their own traditional customs.”

Lectures materials from North Korea obtained by Daily NK

The propaganda materials, which were obtained by the Daily NK, also state that “The rotten-to-the-core American lifestyle is dominating South Korean society and even suppressing the Korean language. What’s more, our pure and refined Korean culture is being destroyed.”

Such propaganda has for years penetrated South Korean media and educational institutions which agitated for democratic reforms against the military dictatorship in Seoul following the Korean War. However there have been few subsequent counter offensive from the South in the War of Ideas on the Korean peninsula.

For example, since when is a regime which publicly assassinates dissidents and imprisons hundred of thousands of its citizen in brutal political prison camps the repository of the “pure and refined Korean culture?” Such counterpoints are rarely heard in the spirit of political correctness which is currently sternly enforced by the leftist government in Seoul.

The American lifestyle “is like poison, spreading like a plague,” through South Korean society, the materials say.

“The imperialists use propaganda tools like newspapers, magazines, radio and television to spread all kinds of reactionary ideology and false beliefs, which paralyze the healthy minds of people,” the materials say. “There are many movies, songs, dances and novels that are erotic, crude and grotesque in nature, along with various kinds of cultural artwork that teaches people to do whatever it takes to fulfill one’s desires.”

North Korea has reportedly intensified punishments against those caught spreading anti-socialist sentiment, as well as those in possession of South Korean videos and music.

While the North’s leaders have significantly scaled back direct criticism of the U.S. and South Korea following the series of summits in 2018, state authorities in Pyongyang are using internal propaganda to spread the idea that America is “imperialist” and South Korea is a “colony” of the U.S., the Daily NK reported.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un in his 2019 New Year’s Address, said: “We should launch a powerful drive to establish a socialist way of life and ennobling moral discipline, thus ensuring that no immoral and uncultured practices that run counter to our people’s emotions and aesthetic view are revealed. By doing so, we can turn the whole society into a large, harmonious family filled with moral excellence and tender feelings.”

The Daily NK reported in July that attendees were generally uninterested in the Workers’ Party lectures and even took naps during a lecture referring to South Korea as a “rotten and disease-ridden country.”

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