North Korea blames snake infestation on South Korean spy agency

by WorldTribune Staff, July 28, 2016

Even his own soldiers believe North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is making an asp of himself on this one.

North Korea has ordered its border guards to round up snakes which Kim’s government says were unleashed on the North as part of a “cunning scheme” by South Korea’s spy agency.

The Manchurian black water snake is the largest snake species in Korea.
The Manchurian black water snake is the largest snake species in Korea.

Soldiers aren’t happy about being given the assignment, and one source told UPI that “not even a 3-year-old would believe the South would attack us with snakes.”

The great snake roundup began after an unusually high number of snakes for the season were reported in the North’s Ryanggang province, which borders China.

Kim’s government blames South Korea’s National Intelligence Service for the infestation, believing the use of the snakes is “part of a ‘cunning scheme’ to challenge our unity.”

The UK’s Guardian newspaper said the reports of excess snakes have increased the cost of rubber trousers used by smugglers who often spend time wading in North Korea’s Yalu River.

In the past, North Korean propaganda blamed an infestation of insects, which destroyed corn crops, on the United States, when it was actually caused by a lack of pesticides, a source in Ryanggang province told the Guardian.

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