No stockings for Biden grandchildren at White House this year

by WorldTribune Staff, November 27, 2023

Last year, Christmas decorations at the White House included stockings for six of Joe Biden’s seven grandchildren. There wasn’t one for little Navy Joan, who is Hunter Biden’s daughter with former stripper Lunden Roberts. Joe Biden had not acknowledged Navy Joan’s existence at the time.

The White House fireplace does not have stockings for the Bidens’ grandchildren this year.

In the past, the Bidens have always included their six other grandchildren — Hunter’s three daughters Naomi, Finnegan and Maisy with his first wife Kathleen and his son Beau with his current wife Melissa Cohen and the late Beau Biden’s children Natalie and Little Hunter — in their holiday decor.

Navy Joan Roberts was always notably missing.

Over the summer, as Hunter was embroiled in child support court hearings, Joe finally acknowledged Navy Joan.

So, how many grandchild stockings are in this year’s White House decorations?

That would be none.

Better to ignore all than include one?

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“The family will be spending Christmas at Camp David and their family stockings will be there,” a White House spokesperson told

Among this year’s decorations is a tribute to Commander, the German Shepherd banished from the White House after biting Secret Service agents.

The Bidens saw this year’s decorations for the first time on Sunday night after they returned from their Thanksgiving holiday in Nantucket. Also at the Nantucket Biden holiday were … six of seven grandchildren.

The Daily Mail noted that “it took 300 volunteers six days to decorate — three days in warehouses assembling decor and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the White House putting it all into place.

The White House will hold about 24 holiday receptions with the first one on Monday. The last one is December 22nd. The annual Congressional Ball is Monday, Dec. 4. Other invited guests will include supporters, donors, staff and members of the corporate media.

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