‘No scar’: Author says impeachment may be medal of honor for one of ‘greatest presidents’

by WorldTribune Staff, November 25, 2019

The hoaxes disguised as investigations and the drive for impeachment began the second he took the oath of office, but they will not destroy President Donald Trump’s legacy, a New York Times best-selling author says.

In fact, the Democrats’ coup to remove a duly-elected president will only serve as a badge of honor for one of America’s “greatest presidents,” Doug Wead writes in his upcoming book, Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story of His Presidency”.

“It is very possible that the preposterous Russian collusion story has successfully inoculated Donald Trump from any new scandals that the impeachment process can uncover. While Russian collusion was meant to be a knockout blow, it may, in the end, be his key to political survival,” Wead writes in the new book.

“I am not saying that he won’t be impeached. Rather I am saying that impeachment will not be the scar on his legacy as it otherwise would be if it weren’t for the failed attempt to tar him with Russian collusion,” Wead told Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard.

Bedard noted that Wead’s book, published by Center Street and due for a Tuesday release, “dismissed several false claims made about the Trump inner circle and highlighted the wins that much of the media has shoved aside in the coverage of Russian collusion, the Mueller report, and impeachment.”

Wead lists Trump’s efforts on the economy, in foreign policy, and presidential communications and argues that the president’s legacy won’t be destroyed by impeachment because it showed that he was under Democratic attack from the start yet still accomplished his agenda.

“Donald Trump should easily be ranked as one of America’s great presidents,” Wead wrote.

Citing the president’s economic record, Wead wrote: “Future historians who wipe away the dust of collective bias will see those numbers etched in stone and will be able to judge without contemporary emotion. If presidents are partly ranked as strong or weak based on their personal intelligence, then surely Donald Trump’s ability to see what the greatest economists in the world could not see is an example of remarkable insight.”

Wead told Bedard that “based on the remarkable economy alone, Trump has been an outstanding president. Almost everything that social engineers and liberal politicians have wanted has come true for the poorest of the poor in our country and to every previous disenfranchised group of people. One must ask how he was able to see what every great economist in the world had missed? Was it luck? Was getting elected luck? Was creating jobs luck? Was he lucky in bringing back hostages that other presidents had left languishing in foreign prisons? Was defeating ISIS so easily, just luck?”

As for the “tolerant” Left, they have no tolerance for Wead’s book.

The author tweeted: “I have received multiple anonymous death threats that also targeted my children because of my new book.”

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