Next up: Airlines are ready, willing and able to comply with flying ban when it comes down from on high

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, September 16, 2021

It’s fall, and the establishment push to make the unvaccinated the New Lepers is starting to hum. Banishment from essential services is a crucial weapon in the campaign. And the federal government and airline industry are ready to roll.

Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines: ‘We have prepared ourselves with technology to be able to upload vaccine cards and track that and implement it if the government ever chooses to go in that direction.’ / Video Image

A thoroughly alarming article posted at the system-aligned news site Politico on Sept. 15 spells things out with cold clarity. Former Obama administration Transportation Secretary (and ex-Republican member of Congress) Ray LaHood:

…says the White House should push airlines to put a vaccine mandate on airline travelers in place. If the airlines refuse, LaHood said, the White House should do it itself. What’s more, he contends it wouldn’t be a heavy lift operationally.

Keep that word “operationally” in mind. For as we shall see, the machinery has already been put in place to enact just such a ban. LaHood spoke with Politico:

“I don’t think it would be difficult at all. It’s no different than showing your driver’s license to [the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint at the airport],” LaHood said in an interview. “I don’t see it as a bureaucratic challenge to the airlines. I really don’t. You got to show ID in order to get through TSA, then make it a part of getting through TSA — that you can’t get through TSA unless you show proper identification, your ticket and a vaccination card.”

Given the widespread overlap between the Obama and Biden administrations, such a straightforward argument for yet another dramatic drip from the COVID tyranny faucet coming from a former Cabinet-level official should be a strong indicator of where things are heading. Not so coincidentally, the airline industry is fully prepared and just waiting for word to come to implement the ban:

But private industry, in this case, appears to be waiting first for the feds to act. In a discussion with NPR, Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines, called vaccine mandates for travelers a “government issue,” but noted the company has the means to expand a proof-of-vaccination standard.

“For us to do that, we would probably require some sort of government directive,” Kirby said [Sept. 10]. “We have prepared ourselves with technology to be able to upload vaccine cards and track that and implement it if the government ever chooses to go in that direction.”

If you feel like you’re being set up, that’s because you are. Ex-Obama officials are seeding the public soil for the Biden administration while the CEO of one of the largest airlines in the country is letting it be known that his company is ready to go whenever Team Biden is.

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With Thanksgiving and Christmas rapidly approaching, what better way to stigmatize and punish the unvaccinated beyond the absolute hammers of job loss and refusal of medical services?

There are other tells. The same rigged polls that were laughably lacking in credibility throughout the last two presidential election seasons are now furiously laboring in the service of the vaccine regime. Here’s the latest stunning finding from the Monmouth University Polling Service, a staple among dominant media organs:

A majority of Americans support the vaccine mandates announced by President Joe Biden last week amid rising concerns about the chance of catching Covid. According to the Monmouth University Poll, the public also supports instituting guidelines for masking and social distancing in their state as well as requiring people to show proof of vaccination for certain activities, such as boarding an airplane or going to the office. The poll finds majority support for nearly all these measures in both blue states and red states, although a significant number of people – mostly Republicans – remain opposed to getting the Covid vaccine.

Big-box business news site Forbes put a fun spin on a Harris Poll:

More than 30% of vaccinated Americans have in some way stopped socializing with friends, family members or acquaintances because they’re unvaccinated against Covid-19, a new Harris poll finds, one of a number of growing consequences against those who continue to resist the shot.

It takes two to be friends, yet Forbes and Harris would have you believe that the emotional fallout of vaccine-induced social ostracism all lands in one devastating direction. Among “key findings” of the survey:

The poll, conducted September 10-12 among 1,920 U.S. adults, found a combined 33% of vaccinated respondents had in some way “cut ties or ended relationships with” at least some unvaccinated people in their lives.

Of those, 8% said they “do not intend on socializing with them again,” 11% said they’ve cut ties but would see them again if they get the shot and 14% still speak to the unvaccinated person, but will not see them in person.

This is all about as subtle as a punch in the face, and the pressure is only going to increase as autumn drags on. The New Lepers are to be shamed and shunned. You don’t get to fly, you deserve to lose your friends and family, and you shouldn’t be allowed to show up for work either. And remember, you’re the divisive one.

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