New poll finds voters like Trump’s rough and tumble start

by WorldTribune Staff, March 24, 2017

While the major media and Democrats continue to pile on President Donald Trump and harp on what they call his “rookie mistakes,” the president’s huge base of supporters are sticking with him, a new poll found.

The ‘Teflon Don’s’ supporters are standing by him, a new poll found.

The poll by Morning Consult “tested the response of ‘Teflon Don’ voters to several ‘scandals,’ like the fight over Inauguration crowd sizes to his tweet that the media is the enemy of American people,” Paul Bedard wrote for the Washington Examiner on March 24.

In fact, support among the president’s base increased, the poll found.

“On the whole, these scandals don’t seem to be pulling down Trump’s overall approval numbers. He has hovered around 50 percent after dropping a few points after the first executive order on immigration. It’s also important to note that for about a 20 percent of voters, these scandals didn’t change their opinion either way,” said the Morning Consult analysis.

Morning Consult, which worked with Politico on the survey, concluded: “So what does this mean? It’s possible that the scandals tamp down on support in the moment, but the outrage of the day isn’t yet driving public opinion of the president. And if anything, it’s making Trump’s base like him even more.”

Another test for the new president was to come March 24 when the House was to move on Trump’s demand on a vote to repeal Obamacare – even if the votes aren’t there to approve the GOP plan.

The new polling suggests that “even in defeat the so-called ‘Trump Train’ will stick with him,” Bedard wrote.