‘New Berlin’: Guns drawn, shots fired as Hong Kong daily protests enter 9th month

by WorldTribune Staff, November 11, 2019

A Chinese state-run media outlet warned the Chinese military could enter Hong Kong “at any time” as the pro-Beijing government in Hong Kong has increased its violent crackdown on pro-democracy activists.

Image from a social media video shows a police officer aiming his gun at a protester in Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong on Nov. 11. / YouTube

Millions of protesters have been in the streets daily for eight months beginning on March 15.

Addressing Hong Kong police, Hu Xijin, editor of a tabloid published by the state-owned People’s Daily, wrote: “You have the backing of not only the Hong Kong and Chinese people, but also Chinese soldiers and the People’s Liberation Army in Hong Kong. They can go into Hong Kong to provide support at any time.”

A protester on Monday was badly wounded when he was shot at close range by a police officer in an incident that was shown on Facebook live. He was the third person shot by Hong Kong police since the protests began.

The BBC reported: “Footage posted on Facebook showed the officer drawing his gun before grappling with a man at a roadblock. When another man approached wearing a face mask, the officer fired at him, hitting him in the torso. The officer fired twice more, but there were no injuries. After the shooting, footage showed the 21-year old protester lying with his eyes wide open and with blood around him. He has undergone surgery and remains in a critical condition, a Hospital Authority spokesman told the BBC.”

At a Monday news conference, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam referred to pro-democracy activists as enemies of the people.

“If there’s still any wishful thinking that by escalating violence, the Hong Kong government will yield to pressure, to satisfy the so-called political demands, I’m making this statement clear and loud here: that will not happen,” Lam said.

Monday’s violence followed a weekend of vigils and protests after a 22-year-old student protester died on Friday. Alex Chow had been in the hospital since he fell from the ledge of a car park during a police operation a week ago, the BBC reported.

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz in a Nov. 10 op-ed for the Dallas News, said Hong Kong “is the new Berlin.”

Cruz’s op-ed came a day after the 30th anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s collapse. The Texas Republican said the wall’s collapse would “pave the way for the end of the Cold War and mark the abject failure of communism.”

Cruz, who in October became one of the first U.S. senators to visit Hong Kong in a show of solidarity with the pro-democracy activists, wrote: “All tyrants, including those of the Chinese Communist Party, fear the truth. And they fear dissidents.”

“Freedom from the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party is the battle cry of dissidents in Hong Kong. What have they been waving? American flags. And what have they been singing? The American national anthem.”

Cruz continued: “In the United States, it is easy to take for granted the rights that have made our country a shining beacon of freedom. But all Americans, including those employed by our sports leagues and our corporate giants, should remember that our unique defining principles have the power to tear down oppressive walls, topple tyrannies and promote freedom.”

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