New 2020 Georgia report reveals thousands of questionable ballots in Fulton County alone

by WorldTribune Staff, March 9, 2022

An investigation by VoterGA of Fulton County’s 2020 election ballots found thousands of ballots were missing the required ballot image, had missing signature files, and had “impossible” duplicate time stamps.

The irregularities found in the investigation, revealed at a March 7 press conference, were many times more than the reported margin of victory of 11,779 votes for Joe Biden in Georgia.

VoterGA’s investigation shows that “the November 2020 election in Georgia should have never been certified,” Liz Harrington, spokeswoman for Donald Trump, said.

VoterGa based its findings on original ballot images obtained via Open Records Request (ORR) and legal discovery.

“Fulton County is our example but other counties appear to have similar problems,” VoterGa said. “Anyone can verify our findings based on ballot images available at, other sites or through their own separate ORRs.”

VoterGA added that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger “could have done the same analysis and reached the same conclusions we will reach today before he certified the 2020 election.”

VoterGA’s findings for Fulton County include:

17,724 final certified votes have no ballot images

The Dominion system used in Georgia requires a ballot image to tabulate results. The impact of the missing ballot images in that 13,303 extra Biden votes and 4,279 Trump votes cannot be substantiated, VoterGA said.

All 374,128 original in-person votes are missing ballot images

Federal and state law require election records to be retained for two years. The impact, VoterGA said, is that none of the 374,128 in person votes cast can be authenticated.

132,284 mail-in ballot Images missing signature files

Each ballot must be scanned to create a .TIF ballot image file and .SHA signature file. Only 16,034 SHA files exist for 148,318 TIF ballot images. The impact, VoterGa said, is that 132,284 Fulton mail-in ballot images cannot be authenticated.

4,000+ mail-in ballots have duplicate time stamps

Fulton confirmed that scanning a mail-in ballot takes one second or more. VoterGA found 4,000+ mail-in tabulator ballots have duplicate scan time stamps to the second. The impact is that images from impossible scan speeds cannot be authenticated.

104,994 ballots have duplicate file modified time stamps

Batches contain about 100 ballots each with a unique modified time stamp. VoterGa found 1,096 Fulton batches have duplicate file modified time stamps to the second, meaning the ballot image files were electronically manipulated.

VoterGa concluded: “Only one or two individuals with extensive voting system expertise are needed to manipulate images. These manipulation activities were performed without ability for most officials to detect them. Fulton County allowed contractor and third party resources to run technical aspects or their election. Those resources were not sworn to uphold the Georgia Constitution and were not monitored properly. This evidence proves we must have an independent election audit. If not, why are we voting? There is currently no mechanism for accountability and a bizarre double standard of justice.”

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