NC Democrat governor vetoes ‘born alive’ abortion bill

by WorldTribune Staff, April 18, 2019

North Carolina’s Democratic governor has vetoed a bill passed by the Republican-controlled legislature which would have required doctors to provide the same medical care to a baby that survives an abortion as they give to any other newborn.

Gov. Roy Cooper / Wikimedia Commons

The “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors’ Protection Act”, Senate Bill 359, was vetoed by Gov. Roy Cooper on April 17, WRAL reported.

The legislation would make it a felony for a doctor to fail to perform lifesaving measures on a baby born alive during an abortion.

“Caring for a living, breathing newborn infant is too restrictive for Governor Cooper’s radical abortion agenda,” Republican bill sponsors state Sen. Joyce Krawiec and state Rep. Pat McElraft, said in a joint statement. “We thought Democrats would agree that children born alive should be separate from the abortion debate, but it’s clear that they want the ‘right to choose’ to even extend past birth. This is a sad day for North Carolina.”

Krawiec said 31 states already have such laws in place. She also noted that infamous abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell was convicted in 2013 for murdering three babies who were born alive during abortions.

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, who is expected to run against Cooper next year for governor, also called the veto decision “a sad day.”

“It’s a sad day when the governor of any state, no matter the circumstance, chooses to not protect the life of a helpless newborn baby,” Forest said in a statement.

Cooper said in a news release: “Laws already protect newborn babies, and this bill is an unnecessary interference between doctors and their patients. This needless legislation would criminalize doctors and other health care providers for a practice that simply does not exist.”

The bill passed both the state Senate and House earlier this week.

Republicans no longer have a veto-proof majority in North Carolina’s General Assembly.

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