Navy officer: Why forced vaccinations of U.S. troops is a national security threat

by WorldTribune Staff, August 16, 2021

In a memorandum issued on Aug. 9, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced the Pentagon will require all U.S. military personnel to get the Covid vaccine by mid-September, or immediately should any Covid vaccines clear FDA approval (the vaccines are currently only authorized for emergency use).

Those who refuse to submit to the vaccine will potentially face court martial, prison time, and less-than-honorable discharge from military service.

An officer with the U.S. Navy warned that making the vaccine mandatory of all military personnel will result in a full-blown “national security threat.”

In a paper obtained exclusively by Revolver News, the officer, CDR J.H. Furman, warned the results could conceivably be catastrophic.

“The forced vaccination of all military personnel with the present Covid-19 vaccines may compromise U.S. national security due to the unknown extent of serious vaccine complications,” Furman wrote. “Further study is needed before committing the Total Force to one irreversible experimental group. Initial reports leave more concern for the Covid-19 vaccinations than the virus itself for the (at present) exceptionally healthy military population.”

Furman’s key points are:

• The average member of the U.S. military is young and in excellent physical fitness, two categories that are nearly immune to the dangers of Covid. So far, only 24 people out of 2.2 million military personnel have died of Covid-19, a rate of less than one per 91,000.

• There is reason to believe severe or even fatal side-effects from existing Covid-19 vaccines are more common than reported, and could even prove deadlier to otherwise-healthy servicemen than Covid-19.

• There is also the outlier possibility that mRNA vaccines (the kind used by the Moderna and Pfizer shots) may have unanticipated negative effects on the immune systems of recipients.

• Currently, the U.S. military has proven completely capable of weathering Covid-19 without any loss of effectiveness, so forcibly making the entire service a test case for a novel type of vaccine is a pointless risk.

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