N. Korean missile expert emerging as Kim Jong-Un’s new aide

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North Korea watchers in Seoul have been paying keen attention to a mystery man who was spotted beside North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un at a ceremony on Dec. 16 marking the first anniversary of his father Kim Jong-Il’s death.

Choe Chun-Sik is believed to be the “mystery man” observed at Kim Jong-Un’s side at the Dec. 16 memorial service marking the first anniversary of Kim Jong-Il’s death. /KCTV/Yonhap

A senior South Korean government official said the man is believed to be Choe Chun-Sik, head of the Second Academy of Natural Sciences, which is in charge of developing missiles and other military weapons.

“We presume Choe is related to the North’s recent launch of a long-range rocket,” the official said.

The three-stage rocket was developed by the Second Academy, the official said.

The academy is controlled by the Workers’ Party and tasked with developing military arms. The academy is on the U.S. sanctions list.

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