MTG: Fear is main factor preventing Republican action on voters’ concerns

by WorldTribune Staff, November 16, 2023

Republicans fear losing their positions and power more than the wrath of their constituents and that is the main factor preventing the GOP from taking action on the concerns of those constituents, Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says in her new autobiography.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

“Fear of consequences. Fear of reprisal. Fear of lost influence,” Greene says in the book titled “MTG”, set for a Nov. 21 release date.

“It paralyzes everyone from Republican members of Congress to administrative officials to special office holders to attorney generals. These people are responsible for not doing the right thing, and their inaction costs us all.”

Greene writes that the American conservative base wants change, “Yet over and over, I and other conservatives fighting for an America-first, MAGA agenda must come home to our districts full of frustration and impotence because the rest of our party won’t get things done.”

“Too many important policy decisions and the direction of our country are in the balance right now,” Greene added. “From taxes to defeating the trans agenda to holding Biden and his cronies accountable and reining in spending, we must put aside our differences and disappointments to get the right people in office — people who will vote for an America-first agenda, no matter the consequences. It’s time to demand more from the Republican Party because we are the ones who must put the power back in the hands of the American people.”

In her first two years in Washington, the America First firebrand was banned from committee assignment by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a partisan vote meant to condemn her past statements.

Greene writes in the book, published by Winning Team, that the experience taught her to speak her mind and leave the consequences to voters.

“When I was kicked off my committees, the Democrat-controlled House was busy passing all of Joe Biden’s ruinous agenda without a hint of resistance,” she wrote. “Republicans weren’t getting anything done on committees anyway, and they didn’t care what we had to say. So, even though I was new to politics, I knew that being on a committee as a Republican didn’t matter. I viewed being kicked off my committees as a strange kind of gift — the gift of time.”

Greene continued: “As a result of the stand I have taken, I am attacked everywhere I go with the exception of my home district or the red states of the country. Everywhere else, there’s always some random middle-aged, nasty, white woman who is brainwashed by The View and has nothing better to do than say horrible things to me from beneath the mask on her face. And then there are the miserable middle-aged white men, who must hate themselves because they’ve been trained to believe their white skin and male gender is ruining everything, who will walk by me calling me a ‘c***’ or ‘b****.’ ”

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