Mobs in white beat Hong Kong protesters as police stand down; Some seen arriving from China

by WorldTribune Staff, July 22, 2019

Hundreds of white-clad pro-China thugs attacked protesters in Hong Kong on July 21, injuring many, some severely, reports say, capping a weekend of demonstrations, tear gas and violence.

The stick-wielding thugs attacked protesters at the Yuen Long West Rail Line mass transit station, reports say, adding that they were attacking people wearing black, the color of the anti-China protests. They also attacked journalists attempting to document the incident, reports say.

Men in white shirts attack protesters at the Yuen Long West Rail Line mass transit station.

No arrests were made and video footage “appeared to show mob members chatting with police casually, with no apparent fear of being arrested for their violence,” Breitbart News reported.

Asia analyst Gordon Chang tweeted: With the police heading to the sidelines where they are bystanders to violence, will become a free-fire zone. That will give an excuse to send in the People’s Liberation Army to “restore order.”

The Hong Kong Free Press tweeted: “#China is resorting to thug violence to rule #HongKong. As the Chinese say, the fox has shown its tail. #XiJinping”

Reports from Hong Kong also said that some of the attackers had been seen arriving from China.

AFP reported that many of the white-shirted attackers appeared to drive into and out of Yuen Long in cars with Chinese license plates, suggesting the local government had allied with the communist regime to bring violent criminals into Hong Kong.

After six weeks of mass street protests, the showdown with the city’s unelected leaders serving at the pleasure of the Chinese Communist Party in Beijijg is showing no signs of winding down.

Under the 1997 handover deal with Britain, China promised to allow Hong Kong to keep key liberties such as its independent judiciary and freedom of speech.

According to the Hong Kong Free Press, the violence in Yuen Long followed a peaceful protest and the pro-China mob attacked protesters walking towards mass transit on their way home.

According to the South China Morning Post, at least 45 protesters were hospitalized following the attack, one remaining in critical condition.

In Sheung Wan, located in the north of Hong Kong island, police fired rubber bullets and teargas into a crowd of protesters that reports said had not shown any signs of becoming unruly.

A coalition of 24 Hong Kong lawmakers issued a statement on July 22 accusing Hong Kong police of cooperating with pro-China triads to silence protesters. The lawmakers said that multiple protesters called the government emergency number, 999, and received either no responses or tepid suggestions to leave the streets if they wish to avoid trouble.

“Last night, the 999 reporting hotline would not connect for a long time and the police station was closed. There were even police officers who pretended they didn’t see the actions of those in white shirts and red ribbons, and turned around to leave,” the lawmakers alleged. “The police, who are like the servants of triads, have completely lost the public’s trust, forcing people to defend themselves. The situation makes people wonder if [Chief Executive] Carrie Lam received instructions from the party to cause divisions among the public.”

The Hong Kong protests were initially sparked by a now-suspended bill that would have allowed extraditions to mainland China, but they have since evolved into a wider movement against Beijing’s authority.

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