‘Misunderstood’ monkeys drop 250 puppies to their deaths

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, December 22, 2021

In a bizarre story out of India that has made its way around the world, a report detailed how a group of angry monkeys exacted revenge by killing 250 dogs after a couple of dogs killed a baby monkey.

Monkeys vs. dogs in India / TV9 Marathi

“As per local reports, the killing spree started after a few dogs killed an infant monkey, following which a troop of monkeys consumed by the fire of revenge went on a rampage, catching puppies and dropping them from considerable heights to their miserable deaths,” OpIndia reported on Dec. 18.

According to the report, this all took place in Majalgaon in Beed district, a rustic town located 300 miles east of state capital Mumbai.

Local residents reported that the troop of primates killed close to 250 dogs in the last month.

“In Lavool, a village 10 kilometers away from Majalgaon not but one pup is left,” the report said. “The residents of the village lodged a complaint against the menace of monkeys with forest department officials. The forest officials visited the place but were unable to catch a single monkey.”

The report added that, after almost all dogs in the area were killed by the monkeys, the primates “started attacking school-going children in the village. This has created panic among villagers who feared that the monkeys in their bloodlust to avenge death of one of their infants might target children after having killed pups.”

Leave it to the U.S. media to come to the defense of the “misunderstood” monkeys.

Vice said in a Dec. 20 report on the monkeys’ rampage that “although instances of ‘vengeful’ primate behavior have been reported in the media previously, wildlife experts have called for caution before labeling animals as such without conclusive evidence.”

Vice cited Sumanth Bindumadhav, senior manager of wildlife disaster response for Humane Society International India, as saying: “What is unfair is that without further investigation into the matter, the authorities have gone ahead and begun capturing the primates involved, which is a welfare concern and only contributes to increasing conflict with primates.”

Blogger Don Surber noted: “In the La-La Land that liberals call home, the monkeys are not killers, they are just misunderstood. We have to see the killing — or as Vice put it, ‘fatally dropping 250 puppies from trees’ — through the eyes of the monkeys.”

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