Missing LA mom was bookkeeper for financier tied to Gambino family, Hunter Biden

by WorldTribune Staff, December 2, 2021

Heidi Planck disappeared in what reports and family members describe as highly mysterious circumstances after attending her 11-year-old son’s flag football game in Los Angeles on Oct. 17.

The U.S. Sun reported on Dec. 1 that Planck’s boss, Jason Sugarman, had business dealings with a convicted fraudster who was linked to the Gambino crime family and Hunter Biden.

Heidi Planck

The Securities and Exchange Commission said Sugarman was the mastermind in a $43 million tribal bonds fraud scheme which started in 2013 and left a Native American tribe and several pension funds with $60 million in debts. Sugarman was accused of pocketing around $9 million in the scheme.

Until her disappearance, the 39-year-old Planck worked as a bookkeeper for Camden Capital Partners under managing partner Sugarman.

Sugarman’s former business partner Jason Galanis is in prison for his part in the scheme. Galanis has been linked to former Los Angeles crime family boss Rosario “Sal” Gambino and his son Tommy. He allegedly used his contacts to drag Hunter Biden into the scheme.

Galanis is also the author of “Greed and Fear: The Galanis Crime Family“.

Hunter Biden’s name was used as a selling point in the scheme, according to court documents referred to in an October 2019 Wall Street Journal report. He was described in promotional brochures as a vice-chairman for Burnham Financial Group, a firm later named as the alleged placement agent in the tribal bond offerings which fleeced the Oglala Sioux Indian tribe.

Two of the convicted co-conspirators in the Indian bonds fraud – Devon Archer and Bevan Cooney – were former business partners of Hunter Biden.

Archer went into business with Hunter in 2009, while the SEC alleged that Cooney was Galanis’s “best friend”.

Archer was pictured alongside Hunter and Joe Biden while golfing in the Hamptons in a photo believed to have been taken in August 2014 while Joe was still vice president.

Galanis’s brother, Derek Meyer Galanis, told The Sun that he questions why Hunter Biden was left out of the case of the tribal bonds scheme.

“Hunter’s name was listed in the promotional materials for the Indian bond fraud as a vice-chairman for the Burnham Financial Group,” Derek Galanis told The Sun. “I saw that with my own eyes because the brochures were proudly passed around the Galanis household.

“The Feds like to say, ‘If you didn’t know you should’ve known, you shouldn’t have been in business with these people’ except of course when it’s Hunter Biden.

“You’ve got these two degrees of separation from the President of the United States and the Gambino crime family, yet nobody is talking about it.”

He is also suspicious regarding Sugarman’s potential involvement in the disappearance of Planck.

Police on Nov. 29 began executing a search warrant at a landfill site in Castaic, some 50 miles north of an apartment building where Planck was last seen on CCTV cameras with her dog in Los Angeles.

The LAPD said in a statement that it appears Planck died at the apartment building and forensic evidence led officers to the Chiquita Canyon Landfill.

Planck’s ex-husband, Jim Wayne, told The Sun that the landfill is used by the waste disposal company working at the building where she was last seen.

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