Men rule, others drool . . .


Hundreds of men gathered in a smoke-filled room at a top-secret location today to celebrate the patriarchy’s total victory over women, after totally and completely dominating females in sports, invading their bathrooms, and taking all their top roles at large corporations and in government departments.

“Well, boys, we’ve finally done it: we’ve conquered the women,” said Max Punchwell, the current president of the patriarchy, as he lit up a cigar. “And to think: all we had to do was repackage our agenda as ‘trans rights’ or whatever the crap we called it, and bam! We’re punching women, taking over their bathrooms, and taking their roles in the military.”

Punchwell went on to point out how men are setting all the world records in women’s sports and detailed men’s victories in being named woman of the year by various magazines and taking women’s spots in lingerie catalogs and fashion shows. “And the craziest part is we’re being applauded for it! The world ain’t what it used to be . . .


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